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    sex on the table tomorrow :)

    guys 104 days without porn feels amazing..... however i have gone without porn for 4 months before.... and I'm staying away from PMO for good.. i had a girl at my house the other day we didn't have sex but she gave me a HJ and i cummed within in 10 minutes.... I have been masturbation regularly, but i wanted to know shall I eliminate masturbation.

    when a girl kisses me I get hard anyways
    3 days without masturbation now I did one month previously then I caved in and busted lol

    any advice on masturbation ?......
    can a girl give me on instead or completely avoid masturbation forever ?
  2. hey man,

    no more PMO means no more PMO. don't do it. its not beneficial for the body. and if you are able to get sex from a real person every week or so why on earth would you PMO.

    remove that negative PMO out of your life.

    Only real sex will do it. that way if you do loose your gf or anything you will work hard to get out there talk to real women and work hard to have sex with a female human being :)

    if I were you I wouldn't PMO. its just not worth it. it does nothing but exhaust your body's vital supplies of neurotransmitters, dopamine, etc etc
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    i've inboxed u pal

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