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Discussion in 'Pornography Addiction' started by YourBrainRebalanced, Sep 15, 2017.

  1. YourBrainRebalanced

    YourBrainRebalanced Administrator Staff Member

    We made an announcement here about the latest ownership change of YBR.

    Current plans:
    • Integrated day counter badges to keep track of your reboot
    • Faster loading speeds for the site, with a better, more secure server
    Are there any sections that you would like to see? Improvements to the software? Information that you would like to be more accessible? How can we make YBR as useful as possible?
  2. NewTerritories

    NewTerritories virtual

    I think there the Pornography Addiction subforum is overloaded. It's at the top of the index, so everyone posts here, even when the thread topic doesn't strictly fit. (Like this one!)

    Here there's a lot of focus on porn addiction but, I think, not enough on rebalancing your brain. I say: discussions in the areas of health & fitness and social advice should be given more attention. The sections for those are sadly relegated to the bottom of the index.

    Maybe moving those sections up would help.

    My recommendation is: change the Home tab to show a list of latest updated threads from all the non-journal sections. This'll help get more eyes on content outside of the top section. Or add a new tab, for that. I think it should be home page.

    Looking forward to the forum's future evolution!
  3. Ansem

    Ansem Member

    I don't really visit the nofap forum and I only come here now and then, but this forum seems to have too much broscience (that's why I don't visit often)

    - "My hair started regrowing after no more PMO"
    - "My back no longer hurts now that I no longer watch porn"
    - "After 5 days of no PMO I have become a womanizer"
    - etc.

    There is very little scientific evidence about the effects of not fapping, so I'd like a stricter enforcement on broscience when it comes to no PMO.

    TheUnderdog himself has made some very quality posts. Maybe we should work with some form of special contributors who write such posts?

    Personally, I would also prefer a stronger focus on quitting porn (this could be a significant distinction between nofap and YBR!). Scientific studies clearly show it is bad for our health.

    And I agree with NT that the health subforums should be given more priority. We should not just strive to quit porn/PMO, but to improve our lives altogether.
  4. User2044

    User2044 Guest

    I think a click-through link/banner to an informational website such as yourbrainonporn would be useful. Imo, topics created such as "Can I MO", "It's been 4 days", "I just had a wet dream, is my reboot over?" drag the forum down. I'm sure much of that could be prevented with a "Start here (YBOP link)" Banner along side the "Yourbrainrebalanced" title.

    @ Ansem - We need to be careful on what is and isn't considered "broscience".

    As much as I agree on the point that people make ridiculous claims - quitting PMO does have some ridiculous benefits/side effects. The phenomena of rebooting is still in its infancy, to expect empirical evidence on the benefits of rebooting is out of the question. At this stage there's more empirical evidence for PAWS than PIED, and PAWS can cause many very unexpected symptoms. A positive casual relationship between porn use and ED hasn't even been established yet, that being said I obviously believe in PIED regardless of the minimal amount of studies which have been conducted. My point is you can't enforce something of which you can't even set boundaries to. Who knows the scope of symptoms for a dysfunctional reward circuit and hypothalamus, for all we know heavy PMO may infact cause strange side effects such as sinus problems, or hair growth related issues.

    Yes anecdotes are almost useless, especially from members who write such occurances as "20 days in and I have super powers". But if we enforce any bro-science related restrictions we need to be careful about what we do and do not restrict. In my opinion restrictions should be made on empirical claims eg. "I'm on day x, my testosterone has risen x amount thanks to no PMO" - That's an empirical claim. vs. "I've been rebooting for 9 months and I don't get as many random pains in my back anymore" - That's an anecdotal observation and for all we know there could be a casual relationship. If we ban observation we prevent building a body of anecdotal evidence, yes it's anecdotal, but anecdotes are a reason research is conducted in the first place.
  5. JayKay

    JayKay Member


    I'd venture a guess that a large part of the content on this forum is made up of questions which could be answered from a robust/detailed and visible resource. Something all users can dig into.

    Authority is one of the things that will not only help more people but protect the community from misinformation. When "bro science" is allowed to propagate unchecked, it dilutes the effectiveness of the forum, overall. It's also fodder for those looking to discredit the effects of pornography on the brain.

    Additionally, if this resource section contains, not just text, but video which explains the common concepts which have been definitively proven scientifically, it would leave less room for conjecture. Whether it is a database of material from Gary, Gabe, Alex or other authorities on porn addiction, there are some basics that everyone participating on the forum should be aware of. Perhaps a tab which is periodically updated with research? Something that explains the difference between a recovery based approach and an abstinence-based one?

    I had an account here for a couple of years starting in 2012 and one of the reasons I left was due to the lack of structured recovery. After a few years I noticed many guys making zero progress- not for lack of effort, but because this was their main resource/ support community and because there was so much information, conjecture and no clear/ definitive path to recovery (save for TheUnderDogs and a few others) many members jumped on the "hottest" bandwagon or success story/system when they reached a challenging part of their recovery.

    The one thing to probably avoid in a forum is having it devolve into an echo chamber. Eventually, members realize that they are going around in circles and leave. Some of the suggestions above like updated threads or a new tab for might help prevent that.

    This is a great forum and I look forward to its continued growth!
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  6. PillePalle

    PillePalle Member

    I agree, the aspect of replacing bad habits with good habits is unfortunately less prominent than the endless counting of days. I like the ideas mentioned above, however we should not try to "kill" the eagerness of new joiners. They should still have the opportunity of posting (maybe after a bit of reading) and getting feedback from members right away. Also, I thought about a "new joiner package". Is there something like that? Could be a warm welcome with a list of helpful resources and some guidelines, instead of pinned threads only.

    Looking forward to an even more helpful forum and community
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  7. spoofy

    spoofy Active Member

    If anything. am hoping to see more focus on porn recovery than nofap.
    I think anything to do with nofap only deters numerous legitimate porn addicts from joining.

    Agreed, also on the note of counting days, I've found it much more useful to count minutes of pmo in say a month, gives a sense of progression and helps identifying patterns.
  8. NewTerritories

    NewTerritories virtual

    I agree, spoofy. On my spreadsheet I keep track of pmo hours each session, and calculate weekly totals.
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  9. Wabi-sabi

    Wabi-sabi Imperfect, impermanent, and incomplete

    I love the craziness of this forum. Please don't change it.

    I have accounts with other non-PMO forums, but they seem a bit sterile, somehow. This is a place where guys come to where they are the end of their rope, absolutely unsure about what to do next.

    I'm OK with the bad science - guys in porn addiction are still engaged in magical thinking, still looking for the thing that will make them complete again. It's just another aspect of porn thinking.

    I'd like a place for longer form writing - especially a return of the stickies. They are pure gold.
  10. YourBrainRebalanced

    YourBrainRebalanced Administrator Staff Member

    Thank you for all of this feedback. Going to give it some thoughts and still open to hearing more.
  11. WilliamOneAndDone

    WilliamOneAndDone Active Member

    All these sites are, now, old enough, that the science of "porn addiction" has advanced, significantly, since their creation. This means to maintain relevance, these sites must also advance, and change. Nofap, for instance, was not, really, created as a site aimed at eliminating the addiction, or, even, primarily recognizing the neuroscience behind the addiction. Nofap was an extension of a Reddit page where members took challenges to see how long they could "go without". The challenges are obsolete, and a distraction. Porn addiction, which is actually porn induced dopamine addiction, is real, but not a tragedy. It is a learned behavior, a conditioned behavior. We reach that state unconsciously because we do not understand what we are using porn for, what we are using porn to do. We use porn to trigger a neurological response, a dopamine reward, which we like very much. Like all addictions, this addiction does not exist in nature. We invented it. Currently, this, and many similar sites, are set up so that newbies can put a name to the problem, but then rather passively hang around hoping a cure will happen. It is sort of a "cross your fingers and hope" you can overcome the problem approach, that is now outdated. Now that we know what the problem is, clearly, we can clearly tell newbies what the cure is, which is quitting using porn as a button to reach a dopamine high. To be most efficient and effective, this place needs to identify what the rather small problem is, and help newbies understand it, understand that it is not about bigger life problems, but is about how we have figured out how to game our brains to reach a dopamine hit, via porn. Currently the site is a place for people who recognize they have a problem, but the site could do more by educating them what, exactly, the problem is, and what, exactly, they need to do to overcome the problem. And, they need to be educated from day one that they do not have to cross their fingers and hope they can overcome the problem, but, rather, that every single person who has trained their brain to get that dopamine response via porn has the power to train their brain not to. It is a matter of training the brain, almost like an exercise, that can free all. Approximately 8 years after we made the problem widely available, we can now narrow our focus on what it is, and how to fix it. This is 2018, not 2005 or 2011. We need to move away from the crossing our fingers approach, and focus on 1) here is the problem, 2) here is the cure. We know the answers to all the questions the newbies ask. Time to start telling them the answers, as soon as they get here.
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