Social media, video sharing sites harming work, marriage and social life..

Discussion in 'Internet Addiction' started by ZeeBawn, May 10, 2018.


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  1. ZeeBawn

    ZeeBawn Active Member

    Hi guys,

    I felt it important to come her to start a thread specifically on social media and video sharing sites like Youtube. I believe I have a bit of a handle on P, but social networks are really becoming a problem for, in fact anything digital.

    It's such a sweet escape during the work day, at home and anytime I can get a good wi-fi zone to just zone out. It came to a head this week when me and my wife had a major blowout about a couple of things, but I realised in a strong way that a major contributor is my usage of social networks and Youtube. I haven't been attending any 12 step meetings, no church, no real outings with my family, not even reached out to friends or anything.

    It has led to some strong resentments on my part, against my wife, my boss, to God and most of all to myself. I'm starting this thread because I want to hold myself accountable regarding my social media usage, reach out for help and accept that it has indeed become a major problem that can prime my brain for a P binge.

    Hope everyone is making progress in their journeys, take care guys.

  2. orfeox5

    orfeox5 New Member

    Hello, nice to hear from you . It is like the cigarettes- if you stop them, you eat more. It is a natural way of replacing one habit with other until you are able to control every of them so do not worry. Basically, if you are try-hard one like me, I would suggest to go in monk mode and consider it not as a lifestyle because someday you will exit it but rather as a challenge. Begin with a short duration as a start- for example 3 days and see how things shake up :) .
  3. ZeeBawn

    ZeeBawn Active Member

    Great suggestion man, I've clocked a day so far, haven't been on Facebook today really. I went on for a minute to check messages and the rest of the day I kep a log of every time I would either 1. go into google to type in "f..a.." 2. Actually finish typing it in and find myself on the logon page (I logged off) 3. Thought about it very strongly.

    There were about 8 instances that I recorded where I had a strong drive to go to facebook. The triggers varied, like finishing a piece of work, similar to how a smoker with have a cigarette after a meal or after sex, that sense of relief. Or when I was avoiding some work, similar to a smoker again..
  4. ZeeBawn

    ZeeBawn Active Member

    Spent just over 3 hours yesterday on sm and yt during work, not cool. This is proving to be more addictive than p..
  5. Living

    Living Well-Known Member

    You can ofcourse see these as seperate things, but they are also related. Modern day man does a lot of things that have a rather negative impact on our brain. A perspective I really like myself is imaging their are two muscles in your brain: one that is all about short-term hedonism and one that focuses on long-term contentment. And these muscles are in constant conflict. When you make a decision they both want different things, unless in the rare cases where the short-term and the long-term don't conflict. The thing is that when you constantly train the short-term muscle (by watching porn, by constantly watching facebook, by binge-watching shows with 10 jolts per second, by eating that pizza with extra cheese and so on), you will start making more short-term decissions, because the short-term muscle has become a lot stronger than the long-term muscle. Therefore spending three hours on facebook or eating foods with a lot sugar might actually lead to you giving to porn. And like Orfeox5 said: if you decided not to give into one short-term moment of bliss because you decided to give that up, it is very likely that you give in to another.
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