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Discussion in 'Ages 20-24' started by slpnggnt, Sep 18, 2012.

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    what up everyone,

    I decided to join up for a bit of support. And for something to do when I feel like I want to look at porn. haha I was seduced by the whole "masturbation is healthy" thing for a while now. I HAD a sexually functional relationship while I was in college that involved plenty of sex of desirable duration, but as that came to a close, I began PMO again to compensate. When that relationship finally ended, I began furiously masturbating out of frustration. (haha at least it sounds funny). Anyway, I spent a year living at home where PMO seemed like a logical substitute. I was in a new small town with no friends or way to meet people, so the PMO continued as a logical sexual outlet it seemed. Then I moved to Boston, where beautiful lays surround me. But like a dumbass I continued PMO because, well, I was addicted. Because of this, I was forced to pass up two sex encounters that were literally dropped in my lap (no they werent both strippers). One I actually slept with the girl for 3 nights and tried harder than hell to get a hard on, but couldnt. then the other time, I was being set up to bang and had to pussy out because I knew even if I forced myself to go, I wouldnt get hard and would fail.

    So those two lost chances need to be my last. I attempted to stop PMO after the first loss, made it for like 2 weeks then failed. Right now im on 2 days. I dont want to look back on my time in the city and think "man, I sure got to watch a whole lot of porn while I was there".

    Anyway, I've read up on YBP, its more or less what got me started on this. just got to stay committed.

    so, hello
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    Im in the same boat too buddy. Im 20 years old and in college and I have to deal with ED cause of porn. I have had to pass up a number of sexual encounters because of it. Its really sucks. Im working on a journal too "Enough is Enough (My Rebooting Journal) ( Day 1-Recovery)" I am actually on Day 2 also and I have relapsed before starting this...a number of times but this forum should be alot of help.

    Keep up with it. Im on the same page so if you want to see someone elses journal that is also on day 2 then feel free to check my journal out. Just know you are not the only one.

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