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  1. 200DaysMission

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    Thanks for the reality check - yes, at the end of the day she is only another person.
    But her awesomeness is not only physical! When I met her I thought she was attractive, but by the end of the date I felt much more so - so I will give myself a little bit of extra credit.

    And thank you for the little confidence boost, I do have a tendency to undermine myself a little bit, like most of us do.
    But I have a second date, and I will free my head some more.
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  2. 200DaysMission

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    I have finished my MA! Wahooo. My dissertation was stressful, and a long old slog, but it's all been submitted and I feel like a new man.

    I celebrated yesterday with a night on the town last night, it was so nice to let off some steam.

    Now getting giddy about seeing M tomorrow. I won't be as nervous as last time, and I am very confident that I will not allow feelings of inferiority to escalate. Just going to have a cool time with a cool lady.

    I have also been able to start doing more of the things I love again, now that I am not a slave to my dissertation. I have started practicing piano again, and have spent more time reading, and working out. I've remembered that I quite enjoy listening to music too, lol. Even though I have been studying music constantly, I rarely had the chance to hear any that wasn't my own.
    My life is much more balanced already, and I can feel my mojo coming back! Good things always happen when it does :) I teach piano, and I picked up four new students in a single day!

    Hope everyone's week is going swimmingly.
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    What a long date with M!

    A quick rundown...

    So we met up for this theatre thing, and it was cool! It was funny, the performance ended with the actors telling the audience to hold hands with the people next to them, so we finished holding hands lol.

    So then we went for a drink. And things were going super well. It was crazy, we were on our second small glass of wine each, and vibing really well. So this random guy came over, and he was like 'you guys look like you're having such a good time together, and I want to make it last longer - can I get you each another drink? And I was like wtf, but he seemed cool and Meredith was keen, so we did.

    Then, IT HAPPENED AGAIN. With a different person, a woman this time. She came over and was like, 'I have to go and I really don't know why I bought this massive glass of wine, but you can have it guys'.
    So we shared that too, and we ended up out until 1am. Then walked her home. We have plans to see each other, and before we meet I'm going to try and see whether she has a friendship/romantic vibe at the minute, or if she is somewhere in between (which is where I'm at).

    I'm really into her, and she is full of awesome surprises. Just she has some similarities with my ex, and so I want to get to know her more and be reassured that they are not that similar really. I feel different around her than I did with my ex, but she has struggled a bit with mental health in a similar way, and so I am wary of making myself vulnerable again. I was in a really bad place when things ended with my last girlfriend - it was a traumatic and I was not myself for a long time, until I got round to having counselling.
    So I'm unsure. I do not want to judge someone for having mental health problems, but I want to feel that I they have a support network. I am a good listener, and calm, but I am not a counsellor or a therapist, and I'm unequipped to be those things.
    I'm looking forward to hanging again though, and I'm conscious I don't have to make any decisions yet :)
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  4. cjm

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    sounds great man. you have a great and mature attitude towards women, I think. Did you have a fairly happy, balanced upbringing with good role models for relationship dynamics or just lucky to have such a seemingly good outlook and perspective on relationships?

    dont let a bit of mentalness put you off toooo much i'd say, after all - aren't we all a bit mental (especially women lol) at least she is open about it! But im sure you are right, and its healthy, to be cautious.

    Is this the same one who works as a model sometimes? You seem to have the online dating thing down, if i ever get back on it you may have to give me some tips....

    Good luck ya'll!
  5. 200DaysMission

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    Thanks cjm:)

    Yeah this is the model. That's some good advice regarding the mentalness too. She was very honest about it, and seemed sincere when she said she feels like a different person. Something to be wary of for sure, but I am generally an optimist and I will place faith in her if it feels worthwhile. Really excited to see her again.
    It's starting to get harder to play if cool, the more I like her. But I can keep my discipline. I think it's the best plan for the short-term.

    My relationship blueprints were pretty rubbish actually, lol. Parents splitting up when I was 5 after lots of violent arguing (which I only half remember). Though they both found new partners after a few years, without all the madness lots of people experience of seeing many people come and go.

    Thanks for checking in dude, I appreciate!
  6. Londoner

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    Nice going, bud - I didn't last long on Tinder, but this sounds promising!
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  7. 200DaysMission

    200DaysMission Active Member

    Thank you my friend, warm wishes to you too. We're on the right path.

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