Since cam/chat sex addiction seems rare here, next week will be hard once again.

Discussion in 'Pornography Addiction' started by germanshepherd07, Jan 17, 2014.

  1. germanshepherd07

    germanshepherd07 New Member

    as I get paid. How do I successfully control my money next week, lol?

    I have many things I need to take care of for the next 2.5 weeks before I get paid again.
  2. Screeching Eagle

    Screeching Eagle New Member

    this is a tough one OP.

    I know what its like to get into that auto pilot mode and just spending more and more going through webcam sex channels. When I was on a webcam sex rampage I was visiting dozens of girls in one session spending about $7/minute with them. Sometimes having 2 different women going at the same time for around $14/minute... (different websites).

    It takes will power OP, I know that might not sound like helpful advice but you need to stop doing this immediately or you are going to learn the hard way. I have gotten some serious credit card bills and not realizing it by going crazy with webcams. I don't know what gets into me when that happens but I end up putting $100 after $100 of webcam credits with a click of a mouse.

    If you don't have your credit cards memorized, keep your wallet somewhere out of reach. I found it helped me when I kept my wallet lock in the glovebox of my car.

    Good luck OP and stay strong. Remember the money spent on cam sex is not money well spent. You will always regret it.
  3. MoneyMike34

    MoneyMike34 Guest

    About 4 months ago I discovered the cam models website. I waisted so much money on there. I just basically looked at all that I spent and said "what the fuck". I think you just have to get to the point where you say enough is enough and just won't spend another dime. That's what I did
  4. germanshepherd07

    germanshepherd07 New Member

    it sucks because I do too much online shopping and have my cc and the security code memorized in my head lol but yeah, I always end up regretting my purchases after I finish my session and what I asked of them to do. I feel disgusted by it but my brain tells me it was fun!

    I estimated I have spent over 4,000 dollars on it in the last 1.5 years alone.

    Yes you read that right. A little over 4000 dollars.

    EDIT: I have now finally grown on this place and will take this 10th attempt of a reboot seriously now.
  5. Cozmo

    Cozmo Member

    learn to how save, you have a goal to reach 30 days, make a goal to reach 1000 dollar in 2 months.
  6. jamesmacgarfield

    jamesmacgarfield Try, try, and try again.

    Use k9 to filter cam/chat sites. Make the password a random generated series of numbers and put it somewhere far out of reach/hard to get to or give it to someone trustworthy.
  7. Screeching Eagle

    Screeching Eagle New Member

    I wish you the best OP.

    Take cam sex compulsion seriously. Its so easy to lose control and stop caring anymore. Before you know it, you clicked away your entire bank account, I have done this before. Most I've spent is $600 in a single day. Cam sex is nasty stuff. Its like a porn and gambling addiction combined in one. Only catch is you never win
  8. germanshepherd07

    germanshepherd07 New Member

    I just set my payday on the PNC virtual wallet to take out 100 dollars. It will be twice a month(I get paid bi-weekly).

    And now I'm going to figure out my budget for the two weeks starting today. Wish me luck on Tuesday, gents! Have a good weekend.
  9. Screeching Eagle

    Screeching Eagle New Member

    Good luck, though from reading this I am not sure if you are trying to "regulate" the amount you spend on cam sex. Best advice is just to quit cam sex altogether. I have tried to limit my spending to more than $10 per session in the pass and always fail because you are left wanting more and more.

    Cutting out cam sex was the best thing I have ever done for my savings.
  10. mastash

    mastash What is to give light must endure burning.

    @germanshepherd This is a tough one. I know far too well how addictive these cams sites are, and I've also been paying for different sorts of girls an weird fetishes. Being at the center of the action is a component that certainly adds to the excitement, so fucking addictive.

    Motivational tip: Take out some of your payment in cash and then take the money you would have wasted on cam sex and put them next to your computer. That should make it really concrete and make you see how much money it is and also make you think what you could do for these money instead. Get yourself something nice and celebrate that you din't jerk them away in front of some deprived cam site.

    Won't be a problem for you, I'm sure.
  11. germanshepherd07

    germanshepherd07 New Member

    One problem with taking much of the money out is I use online to pay bills. But I guess I could take out what I would left and leave the rest in online banking to pay. Wow, thanks for such a simple idea. And no I'm not being sarcastic here. For some reason, my grammar has a tendency to make people think I'm sarcastic. Once again thanks.

    @Screeching Eagle

    Yeah, I meant leaving it out altogether. I have so much stuff to pay for this second paycheck it's ridiculous since I have more things to take care of than at the first of the month lol for the first time.

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