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Discussion in 'Pornography Addiction' started by wataru, Dec 15, 2012.

  1. wataru

    wataru New Member

    My erections are now hard enough to balance a towel on them. Is this good enough for sex and should I atempt it?
  2. wataru

    wataru New Member

    Ive gone more than 100 days, stop counting really because I'm over porn and nothing causes triggers for me anymore (and if I do get them somehow, I'm more than strong enough to resist). I can achieve an erection strong enough to balance a towel on it but no more than half a minute, but than again, I have nothing in front of me to keep me aroused.

    I would like to start having sex so I'm asking is this erection strength enough for me to do so?
  3. wataru

    wataru New Member

    I'm well aware that there will be a lot of performance anxiety when I start but that's just something I'll have to work on. But if I'm able to get that same erection quality with a woman that I had with a towel (lol) than I should be fine.
  4. livefreeordiehard

    livefreeordiehard New Member

    Can you get an erection easily, or do you fantasize stuff?

    Or does your dick just get up when you're feeling like it?
  5. wataru

    wataru New Member

    I can get erection to touch alone, no fantasy or porn, but since I have nothing to keep me aroused I goes down quickly without stimulation. With a women next to me, I guess things would be different.
  6. groovemachine

    groovemachine New Member

    There is only one way to find out.

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