should I lie or, should I do something about my "Achilles' Heel".

Discussion in 'Social Advice' started by lustring, Feb 21, 2013.

  1. lustring

    lustring New Member

    in these days without PMO, or P , I started searching girlfriend, through Internet, I know few girls, and they are asking me about my height, maybe the photos show I am not tall, but the truth is =====that's right, I am short, I was very honest with first few girls, I answer them I am not tall at all, I am short, only 5'4 or 163cm. you know how bad I am in this realm. I hate to admit.

    and after that, they are just not talking to me any more.

    so I think maybe if I lie to them by saying : I am 5'7"/170+cm, and buy some high heel insoles, put them in my shoes, them when we have a date, least I can get into next stage, otherwise, no one really want to date with me.

    to be honest, I am a bit of insulted, I never thought My height is a big problem ( maybe that's why I never get a date or never even try to ), but in reality , it's a go or no go trigger.

    I don't smoke, no drink, no drugs, no anything bad habit you can find one a regular guy, I go to gym, jogging everyday, in good health regime, nice aesthetic body shape ( really proud of....despite of my shortness ) .

    seems that's really is my Achilles ' heel.

    should I being honest on this or state a white lie , then let ladies discover my positive side, maybe when we are in love, she can pardon me eventually.

    thank you guys who give me advise and courages, it's a giant leap for me .
  2. Primetime

    Primetime New Member

    I would never lie about your height, they're bound to find out sooner or later..
    Ask yourself this question: If this girl you're chatting with REALLY thinks this is a dealbreaker, do you really want to be with her?
    And do you want to come off as some insecure guy who doesn't even own up to the fact that he's short? I know a few short guys who just go with and really don't seem to give a fuck.. They get plenty of girls.

    I would say: Just play it up on your profile.. say something so girls know that you don't give a shit about being short, but still come off as confident. ( Don't try to be self-depreciating, just let them know that you're short and they can just fucking dealwithit.jpg.)

    But I'm not short, so I don't know.. maybe other short guys can help out with their experience.
  3. Laurynas

    Laurynas 300 Days+ Experienced.

    IMO how can you trust someone if he even lies about his height?

    And another problem I see - do you really post back saying "I'm short?" Seriously, that knocks your self-confidence as well.. Just say your height normally with no drama.. There are a lot of "short" women out there..
  4. DRIES07

    DRIES07 New Member

    i'm also short (169cm) and it seems to be true that women prefer tall men. However in my country there are still many short girls and women. My wife is about 162cm and standing next to her I feel rather tall , but compared to my boss (200 cm) I feel like a dwarf.
    Now and then I see couples with a woman who is taller than the man, it is rather unusual, but it exists. Not all women are attracted to taller men. The thing is you should look for such women who prefer short men. Among all these millions women there are at least several thousands like that, I think
  5. lustring

    lustring New Member

    Thank you, guys, seems the message is "lies never fly",

    I won't lie to anyone, and be myself. If they don't appraciate my height, nor should I appraciate their mating slandered.

    But I do want to buy some high heel insole to get a bit lift though. What do you think.
  6. lustring

    lustring New Member

    it's true there are thousands among millions women who don't really care height, but that's about 1or few in 1000 women ( 1000 or few thousands/ in a million ), the truth is , how that play out in real world, 1 in 1K, that's pretty thin right. how am i going to find out that girl. it's like buy a lottery.
  7. Gil79

    Gil79 Seize the day

    Everybody lies on the internet, especially on facebook and datingsites. People always pretend to be something better. What about a girl that puts on three layers of make up and gets a picture from the best angle to look 10x prettier than she actually is?

    If you think that mentioning your height keeps you from having a date, then just don't mention it. Chat with them. If they ask just tease them and tell them that you're long enough ;). That will make them curious and will make you interesting. If you go on a date it might not even be a problem anymore. Just think light about it. Enjoy it!

    I'm not saying that lying is a good thing, but just play a bit with it.
  8. lustring

    lustring New Member

    You are genius.
  9. hogus

    hogus Well-Known Member

    The best thing to do about being short is ignore it. If it helps you can play with it like gilgamesj suggested, but over time you should try to just forget about it.

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