Should I cut out TV, Internet, and Skype for 2 weeks?

Discussion in 'Internet Addiction' started by ChangeMYlife100, May 31, 2012.


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  1. moksha

    moksha Member

    Yeah (and Ray Hammond is pretty moderate and skeptical). Some , like Aubrey de Grey (Cambridge-educated, so no fool), and Ray Kurzweil, think that within 30 or 40 years (or sooner) we will be able to repair and regenerate the body pretty much indefinitely. People will still die of course, from new Flu pandemics etc, but with stem cell research, nanotech, genomic medicine etc etc life expectency could well leap quite suddenly from 77 to 125 or 150. Even the skeptics seem to think it is possible- they just dispute when it will happen.

    If you are 20 (and keep yourself in good physical shape) you will live to see some amazing advances in medicine and healthcare and have a very good chance of living well beyond 100. According to people like Kurzweil, a 100 year old in 2050 or 2060 will look like and have the energy of a 40 year old of today.

    I guess the big danger will be overpopulation. The world is insanely overcrowded now, and looks set to get even more overcrowded. The population of Africa, for example, is exploding and the birth rate is showing no sign of slowing.
  2. Journey to Freedom

    Journey to Freedom Vincere est Vivere

    That's some really fascinating stuff Moksha, can you link to some articles about this?
  3. moksha

    moksha Member

    Also, google Ray Kurzweil.

    Aubrey de Grey and Ray Kurzweil are both worth googling (there are youtube videos of them both as well), though they are also both quite controversial.

    I'd really recommend ordering a copy of Ray Hammond's book 'The World in 2030' as well

    this webite is brilliant too
  4. DaVinci

    DaVinci New Member

    You should probably give them up forever. I did that over the summer and it was the first time I saw SIGNIFICANT progress in my reboot.
  5. Chezdon

    Chezdon New Member

    2 weeks cold turkey is pointless.

    All you'll be doing is wishing you were online and counting the days down until you can go online again.

    Just limit yourself to a certain timeframe each day and try to ease off as time goes by or quit forever.
  6. sepultur60

    sepultur60 lets rewire this shit !

    yes, freedome from all is the way for something !but do something instead that you would love to have it as a habit later,!
    especially skype, you cant help seeking new girls or having some horny calls sometimes , especially when you try to be sober,!
    and friends you have there are pointless, you will probably never meet them and even if that happen, there is nothing ot extract from it,
    and tv is really nothing interesting, only heavy consumption of the system drug to keep us always unaware of what the bad free masons and zionists are doing in the world !
    they want to steel our power of correct judgment of what happens arround,
    and be just maching made for consuming !

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