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    I am going to try to keep this short and simple. I didn't count the days cause it only stressed me out and kept the thought of porn in my mind yeah it sounds motivating to build up the days and achieve a high number but for some of us it adds way too much stress. Also I used weights for 20 mins in the morning about 3 times a week just to get a workout in just to feel good knowing I am doing something other than pmo. Honestly for the most part the reason why so many years I was in the cycle of pmo is because I made it way more stressful than what it should have been. Sorry for not really having an inspirational story but I thought hey why not maybe it could possibly help someone out.

    What helped me...

    1. I Didn't count the days
    2. I did a healthy activity to get my mind off porn.
    3. I realized I was making the cure worse than the disease.

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