Setbacks don't equal failure

Discussion in 'Pornography Addiction' started by TakeControlNow, Jul 15, 2019.

  1. TakeControlNow

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    Had a setback this weekend and while I used to beat myself about it I've trained myself to practice self-compassion instead. This has been the biggest difference in my recovery and probably the hardest to do. I used to think I was back to "zero" every time I relapsed, but now I recognize I just went back a little, but I can still take action now to make my life great. I'll be back to normal within a week or so.

    Be resilient! Learn from setbacks and commit to not making the same mistake again.
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  2. doneatlast

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    Agreed. Beating ourselves up after a relapse is a bad move. Keeping the relapse as short as possible by not binging and gathering your wits ASAP is how you keep your progress. If you "give yourself time off" from rebooting, you'll erase your progress. It took me years to figure that out...
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  3. TakeControlNow

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    Took me years also. Keep up the good work!

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