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    After years of bullshitting, i'm finally ready to follow through with a serious reboot and approach to recovery. I've posted on here before so some old timers might know my story, but to those new i'll share it again. Like many young men porn has/had always been a part of my life since my teenage years, however i didn't start masturbating, and most importantly masturbating to porn until i was 24(2014). What contributed to me going down this road in the first place, honestly it was depression about my dating life and not getting the interest from women that i wanted on the dating scene, so as a result i turned to porn to cure my loneliness, depression and frustration about my situation. Anyway fast forward to now(2018) i'm 28 and i've realized i've engaging in this harmful addiction for almost 5 years, and i don't want to go into my 30's still having these issues and not being able to have a healthy sex life, and a computer screen being my own source of intimacy. There's got to be more to life than this. There's got to be. Anyway talk is cheap, my plan of action effective immediately is eliminate all artificial sexual stimulation meaning for me Porn(obviously) and Instagram and Youtube. The last two aren't "porn" technically but i clearly can't handle being on without viewing something sexual so as much as i like going on this sites if i'm serious about healing i'm going have to make the sacrifice and stay off them. Anyway to my question for the members of this site, my original plan to reboot and abstain from ALL sexual stimulation for 6 months-1 year, but as always in life things never go according to plan. Every year since 2016 i've been telling myself i was going leave women alone completely and focus completely on me and then i meet a woman. 2016, i met a girl and things started out good, we eventually had sex and because of my pied i couldn't keep an erection and even though i tried to explain things to her, i feel like to this day she held that against me. Long story short, that relationship ended quickly. 2017, met a girl, she was my first girlfriend. Told her about my issue and she was supportive but honestly i was still messing around with porn and because of other issues we had that relationship eventually ended in less than 2 months. Now it's 2018, and i'm getting to know another girl. She's the youngest of all them(18) but seems very mature for her age(time will tell if that's indeed the case though) but she's also very sexual as well. My question is how would you guys approach a reboot dealing with this new girl. Things are still very early, haven't even gone on my first date with her even though it's been over a month since i've got her number. My other saving grace also may be that she has lots of trust issues because her last relationship she dealt with an older dude(26) and she said he used for sex so she thought i was going do the same to her(being that i'm older guy as well) so with that being said she might actually delay sex for a while to see if she can trust me. With that being said sex is the elephant in the room that can't be ignored forever. If you were me guys how would you approach this subject, tell her now or just wait until the relationship has progressed more and then open up about it, or simply keep this shit to myself.
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    Women can easily read a guy. I once met someone who considered it her mission to help me. She seemed excited to help me deal with my issues, so you never know. All I know, is that if you're hiding something, they'll know.
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    It is initially weird. But I waited until the 5th date to bring it up before we actually started dating and she was more than happy to help me. She wanted to help me through it, and she told me she isnt going anywhere. The whole topic is weird to explain. I tried a million times to figure how to bring it up.
    You just need to let her know that it won't affect anything else. If she wants to have fun you can still be affectionate with her.
    I think being in a relationship with her really sped up the process for me. It really did. If you need more just message me. I am a current success story of 3 months. Starting the day I met her

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