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Discussion in 'Pornography Addiction' started by PillePalle, Aug 29, 2017.

  1. PillePalle

    PillePalle Member

    Guys, I hope you don't mind, but I think it's time to reinstate the challenges. So, let's make it through September. Getting ready ...


    (adapted from Jan15 challenge, we had almost 40! participants back then)

    1. No PMO/MO in September. This includes edging (from a few seconds of testing to hours) and watching P, and/or any intentional relapses.

    2. Feel free to have sex. O with a partner is fine.

    3. Wet dreams do not count as you cannot control them. But no fantasizing beforehand to get a greater chance of achieving a wet dream or something similar.

    4. Entry is possible from now until the 10th of September. However, in order to join late, you must have stayed clean from September 1st 12:00AM (your current timezone). And no fapping on planes to exploit timezones.

    5. Your challenge starts retroactively from Sep 1st so if you have relapsed in September but before you enter, you are unfortunately out.

    6. *Important: please post an update around the 10th and 25th if you haven't recently. If I don't hear from you from Sep 25th till Oct 1st, it will count as being out, even if you haven't relapsed. We like to have strong competitors among us, not just hidden somewhere.

    7. Be honest if you relapse. Don't cheat yourself.

    8. When you sign up, I encourage you to state what you are aiming for and why you are doing it

    Good luck to all of you!!!


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  2. Wabi-sabi

    Wabi-sabi Imperfect, impermanent, and incomplete

    If only you'd have allowed fapping on planes. . .

    Count me in.
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  3. NewTerritories

    NewTerritories virtual

    I'm in.

    I'm aiming for for focus in my work projects, both at my job and outside, and to do the right things with regard to dating.
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  4. In

    PIED with new partner was humiliating, things are slowly getting better with her but I still have what-if anxiety that I need to crush.
  5. Nightfapper01

    Nightfapper01 New Member

    Please add me
  6. Nightfapper01

    Nightfapper01 New Member

    I'm aiming for a better life, to experience life in my fullest potential.
  7. Boxer17

    Boxer17 Active Member

    I want to join
  8. PillePalle

    PillePalle Member

    Allright, let's all stay strong
  9. TheLongWalk

    TheLongWalk Guest

    Count me in
  10. NatureHeals

    NatureHeals Active Member

    count me in please, Im2.5 days free and I'm going to make this my first month free since almost 4 years ago
  11. Keep it up guys, look out for triggers on social media, i was innocently sending a funny gif reply in facebook messenger and had to quickly scroll past a swimsuit, lets do this!
  12. NatureHeals

    NatureHeals Active Member

    thanks heymanniceshot, your right about triggers, they'll come and you have to be ready to ride out the wave till they pass. Good luck
  13. straightlines

    straightlines New Member

    New guy, count me in. Same situ as heymanniceshot, PIED with new partner means pride took a severe beating and looking for redemption
  14. Nightfapper01

    Nightfapper01 New Member

    Still going strong!!
  15. PillePalle

    PillePalle Member

    Glad to hear!
    Added the new entrants, welcome to you all

    @Wabi-sabi: apparently, exploiting timezones was a problem for some. The addicted mind is creative as hell... will be great to see all this potential used for good
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  16. NewTerritories

    NewTerritories virtual

    I was considering having a last session before the month started. Didn't. So it's been a few days. Nearly a week already!

    I had planned a date today. She cancelled. Not gonna let that get me down.
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  17. Londoner

    Londoner Well-Known Member

    I'm in, aiming to be clean for the whole month of September.
  18. PillePalle

    PillePalle Member

    Sorry to hear that, NewTerritories. But kudos for resisting the "one-last-time-spiral" and staying strong even after a setback.

    I am enjoying my first two-digit streak in a long time
  19. That_guy

    That_guy Member

    Looks like I have just made the cut off to get in. I am 30 days into my reboot atm but this will help no doubt. May the power of September be with us all!
  20. PillePalle

    PillePalle Member

    Nice :)

    I have been thinking about this "in or out" thing. I don't like the idea that people who relapse are out and lose the will to keep on. They shouldn't get the feeling that they are no longer accountable and can binge for the rest of the month. In the past, people dropping out of a challenge did not reply any more in the thread so we had no idea whether they picked it up afterwards or not. So maybe a "runner up" category open to entrants all month long and motivation for those who relapsed to keep on might be more appropriate? On the other hand, I don't want to lower the inhibition threshold to relapse. Rebooting shouldn't be tied to the start of a month or anything, but the spirit of a challenge certainly helps. We are almost 10 days in and not a single relapse, which is more than great to see and a big motivator. Any thoughts?

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