Second Reboot- Ways to improve results time wise

Discussion in 'Ages -19' started by earningbacktime, Dec 25, 2013.

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    I'm eighteen and had recently made it forty seven days without porn and masturbation. I relapsed and in the recent three weeks have maybe looked at porn seven times not to an extreme extent. Does this set me back to the beginning? Also I'm at day seven without mo but I just looked at porn for about five minutes does this hurt me bad? What are some ways I can speed up my reboot if I am consistent with no pmo? Thanks!
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    Hey, earningbacktime! I'm certainly no expert but I've had my fair share of victories and relapses (recovering addict of 5 years). Here's my take on your situation:

    Congratulations on making it forty-seven days without PMO! That's longer than I've ever made it! Your porn viewings certainly haven't reset you to the beginning, but they probably slowed or halted your progress. Rebooting is a curvy path, and a few relapses certainly won't set you back all the way, but they'll get in the way of your rebooting progress.

    So to answer your question: no, you haven't reset to the beginning. Your rebooting has just slowed down, maybe even stopped in its place. But if you quit viewing porn right now, it will only take a day or two for your reboot to kick up to full speed progress again!

    And to answer your last question, every man is different. But a way I've found speeds up recovery and reboot is keeping yourself busy doing good works. Make music, draw, write, learn science or history, read a book, volunteer your time at a homeless shelter, tutor young kids, help folks out any way that you can. Keep yourself occupied and be a good person, then you'll hold yourself to a higher standard and won't want to look at porn.

    The road to recovery is a bumpy one, but you're not traveling alone. I've got your back, brother. You can message me anytime.

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