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Discussion in 'Ages 40+' started by eqmindcomp, Nov 10, 2014.

  1. Brooklyn Jerry

    Brooklyn Jerry New Member

    Next week will make 120 days no PMO or MO. I have had sex about once a week,so that made things easier,especially seeing the positive effects of no cumming so much. I have to admit about three times I peeked at porn and edged,but didn't want to cum as I fear it just makes me weak for the remainder of the day. I do belive the Internet is the cause of many of our problems. I wonder how many guys have this problem and have to rely on buying DVDs or renting porn on cable.make,up,your mind that you are stronger then the porn beast.good luck.
  2. ejb65

    ejb65 Member

    For me I have found doing the mindfulness meditations the most helpful. It has helped me observe my mind and break the connection between thoughts and automatic actions. But it has taken a couple of months of doing them to start to help. I recommend trying lots of different techniques until you find one that works for you. Mindfulness is the sort of latest trendy thing but i have found it does work.
  3. eqmindcomp

    eqmindcomp Member

    I'm going to try mindfulness, I've been doing a bit of meditation but still working it into the schedule.

    People talk about brain fog, can someone elaborate on exactly what that implies physically, mentally?

  4. Nofapado

    Nofapado Guest

    Ask 40thenew30
  5. eqmindcomp

    eqmindcomp Member

    oi the cravings hit hard last night, managed to get through it though. It's not even remotely physical, always astounds me that you
    have all this craving in your head. Your dick's just the passive participant.
  6. Rdtorecovery

    Rdtorecovery New Member

    Welcome eq,

    You are doing the right thing by taking action and being here. I would suggest setting small, but attainable goals. I think to a degree, like exercise, once you hit that 3 week mark, it becomes a little easier to maintain as your body and mind adjust to your new schedule. Remember, it's ok to acknowledge you get urges to watch P. Most of us do. But just tell yourself, it's not for you anymore and find a way to move on. Good luck my friend.
  7. eqmindcomp

    eqmindcomp Member

    Thanks, yes the monkey on my back has a physical dimension, I really feel tension that floats from my eyes to the top of my head and down my upper back. Head feels congested and heavy. I have a lingering sense of a cold at the back of my throat. I feel tired but I still have a lot of energy. Moods have been more stable than when I was PMO'ing, short fuse though and feel a bit manic, doing task after task. Can't seem to get a deep good night sleep. no morning wood. Feel pretty rough.

    The green graph is keeping me going.
  8. eqmindcomp

    eqmindcomp Member

    Still feeling the awesome preoccupation that is the "urge" however I seem to be managing most of the time by not dwelling too much on it. I think if one stays aware of how they are feeling, sensations and tension in the body, the reminder to breath a lot seems to help.

    It's a real rollercoaster, heading into the longest period of not PMOing ever, I think my record is 10 days which might have been a vacation years ago or something.

    Here goes.
  9. Nofapado

    Nofapado Guest

    Hang on for the ride. I hope it's a long one. Congratulations on your longest period of no PMO ever. That awesome progress. Build on it.
  10. eqmindcomp

    eqmindcomp Member

    Thanks, was absolutely bagged today but full of manic energy again. Started a new job so I have a nice block of interrupted new everything to distract me. Head still feels odd, I feel odd in general, a lot of things that gave me anxieties seem to be popping up and requiring a bit of confrontation or simple acknowledgement and I feel more anxiety in crowds and more comfortable at the same time. Strange contradictions.

    Eyes feel heavy and feel odd in general.

    Thanks again
  11. eqmindcomp

    eqmindcomp Member

    Feel a bit more stable but the urge to fantasize about an attractive women at work was hard to resist. Still feeling exhausted and the lizard brain is pushing his agenda....
  12. eqmindcomp

    eqmindcomp Member

    Fell off the wagon, need to avoid being tired, have to pace myself. Interestingly some of the withdrawal symptoms, stuffed head and heavy unfocused eyes feel better. The usual cascade of binging and all the rationalizations. Anyone who thinks this isn't an addiction hasn't tried not PMOing.
  13. eqmindcomp

    eqmindcomp Member

    Binge - now the hangover and self loathing....
  14. eqmindcomp

    eqmindcomp Member

    Back on the horse again, this time I really need to stop surfing the net at night, just steers down the wrong path so easily.

    Goal is to incorporate some meditation and exercise into the schedule, need to burn off the tension build up from rebooting.

    what a rollercoaster....
  15. eqmindcomp

    eqmindcomp Member

    A good option for new years resolution. Back on the horse one more time. If I can tame this beast and overeating, those would be academy award worthy in my books!

    Good luck to all contestants on what you used to think you controlled now controls you, Happy New Year and the best to all!

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