Russia Bans Popular Tube Sites

Discussion in 'Pornography Addiction' started by 40New30, Jun 27, 2017.

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  1. 40New30

    40New30 Keep going

    In case you guys were not aware Russia has recently banned national access to a bunch of porn Tube sites...Putin has also commented on the fact that he wants to see Russia's fertility rate rise back to 2.1 babies per 2 people, or replacement rate.

    If a nation does not get it's fertility rate to replacement rate, there is no choice but to increase immigration from outside it's borders (and it's culture), or the nation won't have enough workers and will eventually go bankrupt.

    I read another article where Russia's fertility rate indeed has risen in the last couple of years, and that Russia is taking other active steps to increase fertility. Food for thought and a definite political statement, no?

    This is not an isolated incident, there are ads in Denmark calling on Danes to have more babies...supposedly that's working too.

    On the flip side we can look at Japan where porno is absolutely everywhere and the birth rate is plummeting at an alarming rate.

    Is this a trend that will continue? I think it will...I'm definitely not for outright banning by governments, but people definitely have the right to know that excessive porn use leads to lack of confidence, lack of motivation, less marriages, more divorces and less baby making.

    What about creating a law where every porn video accessible by the internet is preceded by a friendly reminder of the potential dangers of porn consumption? Kind of like the warning on a pack of cigarettes?

    It worked for cutting the smoking rates in the U.S.

    Warning Porn Consumption May Cause A Limp Noodle.
    Now on with the show.


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  2. Boxer17

    Boxer17 Active Member

    :eek::cool::) LOL. But very good
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  3. BaldrRising

    BaldrRising Member

    You make lots of great points here. I won't go into detail or else I might get accused of being a racist! LOL!!!

    I'm not for a ban either, but porn shouldn't be so easily accessible as it is now. Back in the day of brick and mortar stores, if a kid tried to sneak into the adult section of a video store, he'd get kicked out. If you looked too young, you had to show ID to buy a magazine or a vhs tape. Also, there was that fear of seeing your crush at the video rental store while holding a copy of some porno movie in your hand.

    It's so easy to access porn from your home these days. I think all porn should be behind a paywall. That way, before you take out that credit card from your wallet, you can think twice before making that purchase. Also, you don't have to worry about stumbling onto a site with NSFW content because all of that will be behind a paywall.

    So one of the first steps would be to remove all porn from the internet where everyone can access it. This can be done. Google has algos that can scan and remove NSFW content from YouTube, and they also work with the Feds in removing illegal shit as well. We have the technology to remove the free stuff that's out there.

    Now comes the argument of "muh free speech!" Well, porn site owners haven't done shit to prevent those who shouldn't look at porn from accessing it. At most is a warning that goes away when you click "accept." And, first amendment rights won't apply to something that causes harm to others, which porn is know to do.

    Back in the vhs days, we had laws limiting the sale of pornography only to adults. There is enough jurisprudence to apply this to porn on the internet. We just have to enforce it.

    I'm all for personal responsibility and making better choices. Someone will say to me "if porn is such a problem, then just don't look at it!" That is such a tired and worn out argument that holds no weight. People who believe in that argument probably have no clue how the brain works in the mind of a porn addict. In a world of high speed internet combined with a hypersexual pop culture, it can be a living hell for someone dealing with issues of addiction, porn, and one's sexuality.
  4. saneagain

    saneagain Member

    Good summary of my thought, for which I was too lazy to write them down ;).

    You can not buy cigarettes or booze when you're not 18 at the store (at least here in Europe). But you can watch the most hardcore porn at age 8 when your parents are not at home. This has to be changed. It's not an issue of morality or religion. I've been an atheist my whole life and watched some of the most explicit content, just because I didn't know the harm I was doing to myself. It's an issue of public health.

    A good step in the right direction from the Russians.
  5. 40New30

    40New30 Keep going

    Great comments and contributions, boys. :)

    Unfortunately common sense legislation is in short supply these days. But, I think the times they are changin'.
  6. Imfree

    Imfree Active Member

    Porn has absolutely nothing to do with the first amendment. Porn isn't speech, nor is it written language. It's graphic images. The founding fathers didn't anticipate photography, video, or the Internet. At that time perhaps erotic artwork would have been available, but reading the first amendment does not suggest that the founding fathers were expressing an opinion on whether such works should be disseminated or not. The spirit of the first amendment is that people should be free to criticize the government and hold it's representatives accountable. It does not seem to suggest that being inundated with vulgar, obscene, and trivial media is good for the republic. Similarly, the second amendment is about defending yourself against tyranny, not about a paranoid and irrational fear of your fellow citizens. People interpret the Bible too literally and don't interpret the Constitution literally enough. While rationally I doubt that prohibition will be effective, my first inclination is to say good for Russia. They oppose ISIS as well, whereas the west provides covert support. Maybe this will be used as propaganda to further the cause of the second Cold War. All they did was switch the anti-Russia faction from the right wing to the left wing. What a crock.
  7. lookingahead

    lookingahead To restore my inmost being. Staff Member

    Everyone here made good points. I have to say that a lot of libertarian purists on this forum argue that anything short of total and complete anarchy online will lead to censorship and dictatorship, or whatever. In other words, allowing the slightest control methods, even built-in filtering options similar to satellite TV's v-chip, will lead to oppressive government overreach.

    • Either the most graphic sex scenes, orgies, gangbangs, rape and humiliation scenes are a click away to any 8 year old at high speed HD,



    Clearly, something is out of balance with that conundrum.

    (And I am not exaggerating, a lot of people have argued this way)

    Their 3 basic claims -

    The slightest legal filtering requirements will lead to:

    1) A slippery slope where more and more stuff will get censored, leading to censoring our free speech.

    2) It will criminalize large classes of people who are acting on their primal instincts

    3) It will push pornography in a deeper online underground black market, which will make the problem even harder and problematic to censor.

    So, I can blow up this logical bubble with a single prick -

    They make an exception to their arguments when it comes to child pornography. But why? If they were to remain logically and ideologically consistent, NOTHING should be censored, even child pornography, for the SAME REASONS -

    1) Censoring CP could lead to censoring other things

    2) censoring CP has criminalized large classes of people who act on their primal instincts, including kids who sext pictures of their own bodies for example.

    3) Censoring CP has pushed it to online black markets like the tor network and the dark web, which has made it extremely problematic to censor.

    "But but, lookingahead, that's different."

    Oh really? How?

    Tell me, dammit, how it's different when adults look at kids as opposed to kids looking at adults. Either way, kids have been sexually exploited. And the former is usually rooted in the later.

    "But you have to draw the line at consent. Adults can consent to being featured in porn, kids cannot, that's why CP should be censored"

    ...okay, so if kids can't consent to broadcasting themselves in porn, remind me how they can consent to watch porn.....?

    Look, I'm not in any way advocating for the legalization of child pornography. I'm just making the argument that the libertarians make their arguments not on principle alone. They realize and admit that some things are so morally reprehensible that they are willing to make exemptions to their own rigid belief system.

    And so I contend that children being exposed to pornography is just as reprehensible as adults being exposed to CP. That is a truth that society has generally not realized yet. Society has changed its attitude on slavery and other things, hopefully one day it will change its attitude on pornography.

    You know what, I don't care any more. Honestly, I don't give a shit. What happened to my own inner child, happened. And all I can do is protect my own future children from making the same mistakes. But after writing this post, I have lost interest. I don't think I'll respond to anyone else, whether they agree with me or not. I just don't care.
  8. Imfree

    Imfree Active Member

    I agree with the last two posts. I recently read Gabor Mate's In the Realm of Hungry Ghosts. I would recommend this book to people struggling with addictions. One thing in the book that stood out to me was how the author pointed out that as a society we have the utmost pity for children who have been sexually abused, yet as soon as they grow up (typically to become junkies or prostitutes) we see them as absolutely reprehensible.
  9. spoofy

    spoofy Active Member

    Totally agree, and that's coming from a person who doesn't mind moderated porn.
    The biggest problem with porn atm is how easily accessible it is, tube sites in particular.
    The youth today are having their brains destroyed, teenagers are already getting ED wtf.

    In early 80/90s porn was perfectly fine imo, be it old school porno & magazines, peepshows, etc ...
    I'd say even early internet days were okish, most porn was only accessible via pay sites, and even p2p transfers required significant amount of time to get the goods, that's enough to bypass addiction impulse.

    I'm still puzzled how tube sites ever became a thing, how is this crap even legal?
  10. saneagain

    saneagain Member

    I just read an article from 3 days ago, which states that you can access Pornhub in Russia again. But it requires a login from VKontakte (the Russian version of facebook) and to use VKontakte you have to provide a phone number, which is assigned to your personal data i.e. age.


    I sign your post. Sums up perfectly everything.
  11. 40New30

    40New30 Keep going

    Saneagain...just being able to keep thousands more 6 to 18 years olds off of porn would be a huge victory in my book, putting up some kind of firewall at a high level. Those malleable little brains...I can only imagine the horrors of being 16 and not having your dick work. At least I grew up without high speed porn.

    If I was a dictator with a falling birth rate in his population I would block porn like Putin did, why the hell wouldn't ya? If I wanted a population weaker (less energy in the male population, less aggressive, less births) I would make porn very easy to access and keep research that reveals what porn really is out of the media, keep it unstudied...paint porn abstinence as religious nonsense, etc.
  12. TheUnderdog

    TheUnderdog Active Member Staff Member

    ISPs should have porn disabled by default.

    This way if someone wants to watch porn, they can do so by contacting their ISP and asking them to enable it.

    It's not a ban, it's just an extra layer that would prevent kids and teens from accessing porn unless it has been specifically enabled by their parents.
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  13. 40New30

    40New30 Keep going

    Absolutely. Nothing as addictive as porn should be easily accessible, especially to children.
  14. ls558

    ls558 Member

    Censorship is a huge problem, but there is room for balance. As long as we are free to know exactly what is being censored, we should be okay. The problem is when we give these overarching power structures the ability to arbitrarily block whatever they want under the guise of it being pornography... with enough transparency this is no longer a problem. So yeah, I will agree that we need to somehow separate pornographic content from the rest of the internet.
  15. hope2overcome

    hope2overcome No Love, No Sex

    Censorship is not at all a problem when we are dealing with kids!!! Everyone agrees kids should not have access to porn. There are two really good ideas above that can easily go into law without ANY 1st amendment or censorship issues whatsoever.

    1.) Paywall -> Put all porn behind a paywall. For free porn, let a 0 dollar fee be paid. If you are not old enough to have a credit card, you are not old enough to watch porn.
    2.) ISP blocking. If you really must watch it then request to enable it.

    Truth is that a whopping 70% of porn viewers is children, 70%, The porn industry knows this well. 30% of adults watch porn mostly likely they are people who got addicted (or rather, indoctrinated) from a young age. The remaining 70% of adults do not watch porn, do not care of it and have better things to do. So, the industry intentionally wants to target children. "They will learn this stuff anyways", "better to learn now than later" etc whatever excuses they want. Of course, they wont admit ti but they are aware. And, legislation needs to happen.
  16. spoofy

    spoofy Active Member

    Exactly, iif an adult wishes to view porn he should do this with his wallet, as it's always been.
    Absolutely nothing wrong with going to an adult store and renting a dvd, at least it forces you to get out of the house.

    This is also morally superior because let's face it, vast majority of the tubes' content is stolen or without one of the parties consent.
  17. Mik2

    Mik2 Aka NwaltRed

    In other news, rape rates in Russia rise 100000000%...
    It will be interesting to see how restrictive this becomes. If the end goal is encouraging men and women to breed then access to pay sites will likely be restricted next. I had hoped the world would have an honest conversation about the correlation between rape plummeting and access to hardcore porn, but I guess we are just going to have a trial by fire instead. It appears an average populace iq of ~95 predisposes humanity to learning lessons the hard way...

    Oh well, I don't live in Russia and I don't possess a twat between my legs, so I guess there's no reason to worry about government oppression right :rolleyes:
    This is only a good thing for those who can't control themselves/take responsibility for their own kids, and are okay with sacrificing the freedom/rights of others for their own gain.

    "First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out—
    Because I was not a Socialist.

    Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out—
    Because I was not a Trade Unionist.

    Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
    Because I was not a Jew.

    Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me."

    -Martin Niemöller (1892–1984)
  18. Mik2

    Mik2 Aka NwaltRed

    In any case this would not be a useful solution to the issue of under population (although we are far from having to worry about that at ~8 billion). This is of course a typical reaction from a corrupt nationalistic government (is there any other kind?). The problem isn't that there aren't enough humans on the planet, the problem is they aren't the "right kind" of humans (Russians in this particular case). Once women have the vote and inevitably choose to shirk any responsibility in child rearing, the way is clear for less developed societies to sweep in and take over. Science can partially solve this problem with the widespread use of the artificial incubator, but child care is still economically unfeasible to the 99%.

    The nature of corporations and government working together to increase wealth inequality and crush any dissent is also contributory to economic/societal collapse. Regardless of restrictions placed on alternative means of satisfying the urge (porn), citizens simply do not have the economic opportunity to raise children. The government is just as much a part of the problem and their "solution" only invokes further collapse.

    Looks like we are in for a rough ride. That future society everyone dreams about wherein everyone is equally capable of making a meaningful contribution, and/or the strong don't prey on the weak and powerless, may be a very long way off. How many societies will rise and fall before this vision is realized, is collective humanity even capable of it? Are we capable of overcoming our own ingrained self interest and survival instincts, or will we always revert to a natural state when our environment encourages it?
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  19. Mik2

    Mik2 Aka NwaltRed

    You need to look at the full picture here in order to make any sound judgments on whether or not this is a good thing.
    Let's say the goal here is only to restrict accessibility of porn to children, we know that isn't the goal, it's just the Russian governments cover story to gain public support. Let's say for the sake of discussion though that it is the only goal, what is going to take it's place?

    Undoubtedly porn is correlated with many negative and positive effects on society. Two of the positives is a lack of teen pregnancy, and a lower instance of rape in society. So what is the Russian government going to do about addressing these issues? Are they going to provide better education to young people? Do they have a plan to increase economic stability in the middle class, that is required to properly raise children? Russia isn't exactly a prime example of reasoned and proactive government policy, this is a reactive stance on their part. If they haven't thought this through then we can expect to see just as many negative effects as there are positive.
  20. saneagain

    saneagain Member

    Proof? Please no bullshit correlations.
  21. Mik2

    Mik2 Aka NwaltRed

    First you need to understand the difference between a correlation and causation. Correlation simply means 2 events are occurring in tandem with each, whereas causation means that one event is caused by another event.
    So the "proof" here is very easily provided, teen pregnancy is falling in first world countries (as are birth rates in general)
    We know porn use has risen for decades, not much point in linking that data here, we all know where to find it already (ybop), and we also know that sexual assault has steadily declined over the last decade.
    I don't have a lot of patience for someone who tries to shutdown the conversation by asserting "bullshit correlations" adding nothing to back their own point of view though, so figure this out for yourself or fuck off ;)
  22. spoofy

    spoofy Active Member

    Dunno the sites they blocked are only tubesites, which are pure cancer that should have never been allowed.
    Does putin care about porn addiction? nah just same old governments pushing for population boom to increase realestate value.
    The VPN block is pure lame bs, but again what to expect from a totalitarian government?

    Imo all governments should follow on the wide tubesites ban, while fully legalizing adult stores, prostitution, brothels and parlours.
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