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Discussion in 'Ages -19' started by SalmonRoll, Aug 3, 2014.

  1. SalmonRoll

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    I'll keep this brief


    Male (obv)
    at Uni

    I'm not new to nofap. I've given several attempts before, getting to a record of 20 days (one of my greatest achievments :p). I've been addicted to porn since I was to guess about 13 years old. I just thought it was normal and harmless since everyone did it but its become clear to me its a serious vice. I saw the YBOP videos and the science presented really focused my mind on the issue. Many of the greater periods in my history have come after a respite from fapping, its a miracle I've taken so long to take serious action to stop.

    I have a goal of not fapping for a period of 120 days within the next 365 and masturbating no more than twice in any month.

    I have many other goals in the next year such as:
    -put on 30 pounds in lean muscle mass
    -have sex with a girl again (3 year dry spell ;))
    -expand my friendship group
    -finish my aff training
    -get a job
    -get a first in year 2 of my degree

    I may cover these depending on how into the forum I get.

    I plan on updating this most days for the next year and interacting with others in the forum.
    Good luck, good health and happy fapstinence
  2. John32

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    Hey man and welcome to the forum!
    I feel as if I'm exactly where you are, I also am I at uni and also 19 and trying to recover from this awful habit. Also our goals are somewhat similar because I messed up my first year and I get the feeling you go to uni in England as well. Anyways just keep going man and be motivated remember it will be worth it in the end
  3. SalmonRoll

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    Hah we do have a lot in common. PM me which UNI you're at.

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