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    So lots of history to capture here.
    This began for me in June when my wife found an old DVD days before I was leaving for a work trip overseas- 20 year history of using porn came out and the fact I had been lying to her all this time.

    major turning point on my use was 98 when for the first time I had internet access, privacy and lots of time alone- my wife was away at school.

    I will fill in more history, but I want to focus on the positive.
    So no porn since early June, no masturbation since then as well. But my wife joined me for much of my overseas stay, and I had planed to be porn free for that trip- technical reasons- work laptop- so no access that way as being with my wife. And of course the finding just prior to the trip gave me lots of incentive.

    I am starting my counter on August 28th- as that was the day my wife returned home and I was alone. I have been porn and masturbation free since then, wife and I are working through many issues, but I am so fortunate that during periods of good connection since that day 9 we are having intimate relations.

    She has pointed out stronger/ harder/ fuller erections, and I am experiencing more powerful O's (so even though my counter is at day 15, it has been closer to 3 months).

    so this is the start of my story..
  2. Dangerous Dave

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    Welcome. You're already off to a great start. Best to you.
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    Welcome buddy
    You are well on your way to a more interesting fulfilling life. Stay strong and reap the rewards that your wife has already noticed.

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