Rewiring out of flatline?

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    So, I'm fast approaching 5 months of abstinence from MO, last time I PMO'd was in August last year. I struggle with fantasy still, yet I have enough self-control to do neither of the aforementioned things ever again, I'm at a point where I mostly would like to make sure my junk works properly in appropriate context. The reboot process has been excruciatingly slow for me so far: I do sense improvements (mostly in terms of sensitivity and NW), but they are inconsistent - during the day I am dead as a doorknob down there and frankly, the limpness and discoloration are getting annoying.

    My theory is that flatline does not end by itself, but you have to rewire out of it, so to speak, as opposed to waiting them out as a lot of the people on here seem to be doing.

    To accomplish this, I have essentially 2 plans on the table, I might end up using a combination of the two A) I know of a girl in my social circle that is saving herself for marriage (!!), we've known each other for a number of years and I know she likes hanging out with me - my plan is to get together with her and rewire without O until libido, erections and etc. don't require stimulation and become consistent (she's not my dream woman by any chance and I'm not super morally comfortable with this, but it sure beats suffering from PIED on your own); B) essentially the same plan, but with random, but more attractive girls - the overall modus operandi is try to date someone at least once a week for kissing/cuddling and until I'm confident in initiating. I'm going to start implementing plan B as soon as uni is over, potentially start working on my relationship with (let's call her) moralgirl a bit earlier, as soon as time permits.

    Any thoughts on this?
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    don't tarnish some womans rep just for your gratification..if you are going to rewire with a woman get someone other than the woman who is saving herself for marriage...go visit a brothel or something!

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