Restarting My Journey

Discussion in 'Ages 30-39' started by Mr. Tony, Mar 12, 2023.

  1. Mr. Tony

    Mr. Tony Life is like a game of chess.

    Good afternoon (or morning) wherever you all are.

    I know it has been quite a few years since I last posted here, but I am ready to restart my journey of fighting off PMO.

    The reason why I had called myself too far gone to be saved is because I really wasn't willing to fight for it. I was content with looking at pornography and webcam models. Sadly, this addiction continued through the next few years between my last post and the present day. But I am looking to nip this in the bud. I am looking forward to thwarting this addiction so I can live the life that I am truly capable of.

    Happy to be back, and plan on journaling my thoughts from this point forward.

    I'm ready to win again, man. I'm ready to grow up. I'm ready to wake up.
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  2. iceclimb29

    iceclimb29 Member

    Welcome back Mr. T.

    Stay active on here and I'm sure you'll meet your goals.
  3. My best wishes to you Mr. Tony.

    Believe me I can relate, I've swirled back down that rabbit hole more times than I can count.
    In my own experience in the past I've given in to the urges, baby dosing as it were. Just looking up bikini photos or drawings and the like. But it is an addiction, then you need more for the same hit so it turns into micro bikinis, and then softcore nude photos, and then videos and then camgirls and then you're back in that cold dry hole about as far from the one you desire most.

    You will succeed, and you must tell yourself that over and over. And like quitting smoking or drinking, if you slip up just accept it get back on the saddle and keep moving forward.
    You've got this brother. You've already accomplished your victory, just keep going.
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  4. Mr. Tony

    Mr. Tony Life is like a game of chess.

    Day 1:

    Today was a super rough day at work. One of the biggest things that I need to do is get out of my comfort zone and try to go out and meet people more. Outside of work, there are days upon days that I don't leave my house. Once the weather gets warmer, that has to change if I'm gonna be able to properly reboot.

    And I'm also looking for a new job, so fingers crossed I can get something that is higher paying.
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