Relapsing Again And Again After A Gap

Discussion in 'Ages 20-24' started by Lakaf, Jul 30, 2017.

  1. Lakaf

    Lakaf Active Member

    My Highest Streak Is 200 Days Or SO More Than This. I did Mistake Again To Fap Now I cant Control More Than 10 Days And Its Damn Hard To resist This Temptation..

    This Is My Day 2 Clean
  2. Lakaf

    Lakaf Active Member

    Day 3 And M Feeling Depressed TOday.
    Did Workout TOday.
  3. deadofwinter

    deadofwinter Active Member

    gOOD lUCK mAN, yOU cAN dO tHIS
  4. Lakaf

    Lakaf Active Member

    I WIll Dude And THis TIme NO Turning BAck..

    Day 4 And No Porn No Fap.

    Didnt Went TO Gym Today TOok Membership Of Gym.
    Was Depressed The Whole Day But At Night I Felt Motivated,
  5. Lakaf

    Lakaf Active Member

    Day 5 Clean Am So Happy..
    Today Am Full Of Energy And Power..
    Today Somehow I Dont Fear Anymore Like After I relapsed..
    1. Morning Cold Shower.
    2. Morning Gym Workout.
    Today A Guy Crashed With My Bike And He Shouted And I PArked The Bike And Asked Him Did Anything Thing Dmg But He Got FKing Scared OF Me Muahahahahha. HE Didnt replied And Went..
    Dont Fk With Me I Thinnk That Is Back Again...
  6. Lakaf

    Lakaf Active Member

    Day 6 Success Muahahahhaaha.. Damn Easy..

    Today Also I Went TO GYM And Cold Shower Muahhahahah..

    But Today I Am Much Horny..

    Energy Flowing Through Me.
  7. Lakaf

    Lakaf Active Member

    Day 8 Successssssssssss Bbububuubububub..
    Feels Easy Tp COntrol.
    Still Only DOne With 1 Week. mUahahahaha
  8. Lakaf

    Lakaf Active Member

    Day 9 Success Muahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahaahhahahaha.
  9. deadofwinter

    deadofwinter Active Member

    Hey bro, I'm glad you're doing so well. Don't get too cocky hm ;)

  10. Lakaf

    Lakaf Active Member

    Day 10 Success Muahahhaha...

    I Feel Confident And Aggressive.
    I Say Anything Now Without Hesitation And That Trait Have Been Added In Me Again Muahahhahah.

    Cocky... Am Gonna Go Infinite Streak Just Watch Your Back OR U Might End Up Losing mauahahaha.
  11. Lakaf

    Lakaf Active Member

    Day 11 Success Muahahhahahahahaahha.

    Today I Worked Out.
    Did Cold Shower.

    Today I Interacted With 2 New Girls And Many Strangers..
    Felt Awesome Muahahahhaha.
  12. Lakaf

    Lakaf Active Member

    Also Am So Aggressive Now A Days That People Just Move Aside And I See Girls Noticing Me Much MUahhahahahhahaa.

    Its Coming Back Oh Yeah It Is!
  13. deadofwinter

    deadofwinter Active Member

    Very nice that you interacted with people! I did too, today, at the hairdresser.

    Good luck man. "muhahaha"
  14. Lakaf

    Lakaf Active Member

    Day 12 Suceesssssss. Muhahahhahahahahahahaha

    Went TO Gym Today..
    Did Cold Shower..

    Interacted With New Girl Today At Doctors Clinic Muahhahahahahahah.
    Classes Teacher Complemented Me, That Am Cool Nice...
    Girl Seating Back Of Me Was Touchy...
    Also Talked With The Driver..

    Aggression :-
    Today When I Was At Clinic A Man Was Standing Of My Shoes, I Went There And Fucking Pushed Him, And I Was So Damn Angry He Saw That And Apologized For it. Am Feeling Heat In My Body Damn Heat Muahahhahahhahahahhahahhaa.
    So If You Try T Pick On Me I Wont Hold Back Either And Fk You Muuahhaahahhaahahahah.
  15. deadofwinter

    deadofwinter Active Member

    The most powerful men don't let aggression control their situations.
    Don't become a douchebag my friend. It's no way to win at life

    Nonetheless, you're doing very well with your streak!
  16. Lakaf

    Lakaf Active Member

    Day 13 Success MAuahahahahahahaha.

    Today I Worked My Body At Home.
    Extreme Cold Shower Today.

    Today I Feel Like To Go And Talk To New Girl But Sir Was Teaching And She Went.
    Today The Mam Chatted With Me About Whatsapp Again And Again And She Fking Irritates Me. Always FKing Irritates.

    If Its What Douchebag Is I Feel Really Awesome.. Its Like Am Back To My Old Form MUhahahhhahahahaha.
    Full Of Energy With Attitude..
  17. deadofwinter

    deadofwinter Active Member

    Nice dude, another day on your streak. Our nofap battle continues ;)
  18. Lakaf

    Lakaf Active Member

    Day 14 Sucess MUHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA :p.

    Today I Went TO Gym.
    Did Cold Shower.

    Today I Ate Some Medicine That Doctor Gave Me But I Was Feeling Lazy Because OF It.
    TOday I Was At Home As Of My Knee Got Hurt.

    Battle Muahhahhahahah Dude.
    Hope It Never End And We Grow Strong Muahhaha.
  19. deadofwinter

    deadofwinter Active Member

  20. Lakaf

    Lakaf Active Member


    My Workout Today Was Much Intense And I Meet A NewFriend There Muahhahaah.
    Also I Think Somewhat My Presence Has Increased And I Kinda Like It.
    Did Extreme Cold Shower.

    Today Am Having Much Strong Urge To Watch Porn And Fap But Somehow Am Diverting My Mind In Stuff Like Funny Video And Controlling Myself. After Posting Here And Seeing My Progress The Urges Are Going...

    I Can Do It..

    As I have Deadofwinter To Compete With, And I Ain't Gonna Lose To You Dude.. Muaahahahahahah.
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