relapsed need help.

Discussion in 'Ages -19' started by Battlinginsomnia, Jan 13, 2016.

  1. Battlinginsomnia

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    Hey guys. I relapsed again today. This is because i wasn't getting my erections and i felt a bit horny from seeing bikini girls on the beach. So I watched porn and now i feel depressed and anxious. Idk I've gone so long without porn and the signs of improvement are so slow. Now i relapsed and feel like I've thrown all progress away.

    Another thing is after abstaining from masturbation for like a month my semen seems to be of less quality and more watery. Idk. Help or advice plz.
  2. CJJackson

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    While relapsing sucks and makes you feel like shit if you can limit it to just one sitting instead of going on a massive week long binge it doesn't completely erase your progress. I relapsed yesterday after like 10 days so yeah it sucks and I felt down, but I had to get right back up on the horse and keep going. Good luck!
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    Battling insomnia you there?
    Even I am facing almost everything common to you. I have ed, chronic insomnia.

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