Relapsed but still hope

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    Well, finally on day 46 of hardmode I relapsed. I feel bad, but at the same time proud and amazing. I feel proud that I was able to get this far. And I feel good bc I got off to a pic my gf sent me
    ( thong pic )
    . Usually it would take much more hardcore things to get me to to finish but not this time. I get I relapsed, but I feel like I made so much progress at the same time. I was 6 weeks clean so that’s so much progress and this is my only relapse. I took 10 days back off so I’m back at 36 days. But I’m going hardmode for the next 8 months to really do this. I have no cravings for porn so binging for me isn’t an option, so it won’t ruin my whole relapse.
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