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  1. abc603

    abc603 New Member


    I stopped M P and O for 41 days.

    Today, I relapsed and orgasmed by masturbating to porn 4 times :(

    Am I back to day 0?
    what do you reckon?
  2. al1234

    al1234 Guest

    Nothing can ever change those 41 days, so be proud of that.

    Now go and do 42 days.
  3. ..from zero. :)
  4. brainslave

    brainslave Guest

    From day 0 to day 42 you had a transformation. Try to recollect what was it exactly. Try to find the difference between you right now and you back at the beginning. If you still are a different person, your body is not on day zero.

    Day count is just a way to show path and progression in no Fap. You are not the same as at day zero.
  5. zefizzle

    zefizzle Guest

    learn from each relapse and better yourself each time
  6. daone

    daone Where I'm gonna be ought to be uncharted

    No unless you go on a binge and start watching extreme porn
  7. SelfControl2013

    SelfControl2013 "Infinite patience produces Immediate results"

    Great advice.

    To poster,

    1- Slipping does't have to turn in to a slide.
    2 -Transmute your anger/frustration in to unshakeable self control.
    3- Challenge yourself, how quickly can you get back to the same peace and inner confidence?
    4- As a punishment, make yourself to read the entire "breaking the cycle" book over and review it. it is an incredible resource.
  8. abc603

    abc603 New Member


    thank you for your advice,

    Can you please tell me where I can find the book?

    thx :)
  9. potato

    potato New Member

    Yea, the counter is just that, a counter.

    Putting it back to day 0 doesn't make those days meaningless, there's no way that your back where you started.
  10. WoLong

    WoLong Guest

    'Relapse', in the context you are using it, can be a very vague term. It's up to you to decide if you're in the same place you were 42 days ago, based on how you feel. PMOing 4 times consecutively is quite significant, but it's your specific symptoms that communicate your progress, not a certain number.
  11. SelfControl2013

    SelfControl2013 "Infinite patience produces Immediate results"

    I bought it from kindle cheaper and can read it on the go :)

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