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    I remember when I first realized for sure that porn was the problem with my limp noodle! Looking back upon all those years just thinking I was a weirdo and that something was wrong with me I felt a sudden sigh of relief. I knew in my heart that if I kept going all those years I would eventually function like a regular man!......Now, when I realized my problem it took me some time to get over my porn addiction. It was even more difficult to curb my addiction to masturbation!

    My advice to you guys out their is to focus on porn first! Just masturbate without porn. That is all. You will find that masturbation really loses its appeal and you simply dont do as much without porn their to egg you on. How do you get over cravings?

    I had two go to things I would do when I would get urges. 1) I would go out and exercise. 2) I would read a letter to myself that I wrote describing the pain and agony porn casued me becasue I can no longer function as a normal man. This firmed up my resolve to not look porn. Often, I would read the letter and then go out for a long briks walk! The urge to watch porn and masturbate would dissipate!

    Good luck guys!
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    Thanks for the advice is a struggle we have to go through everyday I recently relapse after 3 weeks of no pmo but at least I am controling the urges more now, I got to a point of masturbating 3 times a day which led me to loss of sensitivity and libido that how damage porn does to you glad you are kicking out your addiction.

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