Recovery with relapses

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  1. wataru

    wataru New Member

    In theory, can one heal himself or make progress if he keeps relapsing evey 15 days (by relapsing I mean once, not several days binge)?
  2. marco

    marco Guest

    I don't know about complete recovery but I made progress despite relapses. I've been fighting this since september with one relapse every 15 days (on average) and as I said, my erections are a little better, I'm getting good night wood, erections to real life girls etc. But of course I would get all of this way sooner if it hadn;t been for the relapses.

    But I'm intertested in hearing from some other rebooters, if thay made any progress despite relapses.
  3. richard29

    richard29 Member

    I've relapsed every 10-20 days this year, and I can say there has been definite improvements. But in a social sense. Confidence increased, less angst, etc...

    Though, I'll stay here forever with a limp dick, brain fog and confusion if I don't start making ground. My ED has improved though I'm definitely not ready for sex and still way, WAY of curing that.

    Basically, you could make baby-steps in other ways, but if you keep relapsing you'll always have a baby dick.
  4. humbled_eved

    humbled_eved New Member

    The evidence shows that reboots go much, much faster if you refrain from PMO completely. No reason to anticipate relapses and definitely no reason to plan them out. Just keep your hands off yourself for a few months. I'm sure you've spent enough time masturbating up to now anyways. I wish you the best on your journey!!!
  5. Big Lebowski

    Big Lebowski Member

    The idea of a reboot is that you want to weaken the pathways that porn has created so you can 100% boners in real life and not just that many more things, when doing relapses your activating the pathways again so your in a never ending cycle.
  6. LifewithWanker

    LifewithWanker New Member

    The best reason not to relapse is the fact that no one knows the answer to your question, and also that we don't know how far back you set yourself with varying degrees of relapse, porn stimulation etc...
    And lastly, at least when you don't relapse, you can put a number on the days you've gone, when you relapse intermittently, and a year down the road, your not better, or you think your flatlining but your just depressed from doing this no pmo thing for so long, you can't gauge anything, you may not have made any progress, but you still wasted a year...

    Myself, I don't think you can watch porn AT ALL, and recover, at least not me, thats when the real hardcore flatlines come outta nowhere.

    I've been at this for about 8 months now, and mostly I've made it about a week, I've made it 2 weeks a number of times, and a month a couple times....When I relapse though I've only watched porn a few times in that entire period...... mostly I'd relapse to escort pics, etc. (which I don't get much rush from ::))
    right now I'm about 3 weeks in, and in the mother of all flatlines, up to this point.
    This no PMO thing really eats at you after a while, its a general malaise feeling, and I'm really not sure if I'm actually flatlining or I've finally gone totally down depressed.

    I'm sure there are many men out there that are depressed in their lives, and if asked about how they felt sexually they would describe a flatline exactly....IMO.

    If I could do it all over again, I would be in the corner weeping like a schoolgirl before I'd relapse, its not the reboot your throwing away, its your entire life.
  7. imout

    imout Active Member

    I bargained with the devil a year ago, when my GF made my confess my addiction to her and I decided to kick it. But the devil told me Its ok to p every 2-3 weeks and M is ok once or twice a week. Of course I never had withdrawal that way. I felt ok, except my ED stayed the same. Libido went up, i slept with the gf mostly orally. Six months into it my erections went better, almost good enough for real intercourse - almost. I really got horney about her too. Then unfortunately it went backwards and shortly after I lost my GF over it. All theis time I stayed on P every 2-3 weeks , m 2times a week. The devils bargain cost me my gf. (to clearify, i dont believe in the devil, im mean figuratively) I realise now that from her point of view I was cheating on my promise and made excuses. After a year of that she found me untrustworthy and became sure nothing would ever change. So there...Im on reboot and I wont bargain again

    Guys , its like stopping smoking. Its all or nothing and you simply have to hammere it into your head that you never negotiate with yourself over this ever again. When it comes up, when you get triggered have a quick reactyion strategy to distract yourself. Whatever works. Go for a walk, whatever. I find it pretty easy. No cravings so far. Mind you, im 51.
  8. richard29

    richard29 Member

    This is true. It's the context in which relapsing should be viewed.

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