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    Hello everyone.....

    So I am going on around 2 years almost of what seems like a very long flatline. I was really struggling for a while so I decided to see my doctor about SSRI's because I started to think my issues were more than just the flatline. Anyways after being on lexapro for a couple of weeks I visited my gf and we had sex like 3 times within 24 hours. I was so happy and thought I was pretty much cured. After about a week since then I've had like almost 10 orgasms with my gf and now I feel like I'm back into the flatline. Last night we went for sex and I didn't feel very aroused and my old performance anxiety was present with me.

    Where do I go from here now? I feel like the lexapro is really helping me but is it gonna take another long couple of weeks for me to get back to where I was of hardmode? And how do I control my orgasms to make sure I don't go back into the flatline?

    Thank you.
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    Karezza. Keep hard mode as long as required with no orgasm
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    Was this your first time on ssri? And did the ssri really made you feel arousal and cured?

    If you are severe pied try not to have more than 1 orgasm/week and adjust from there. Keep increasing the orgasms until you find out your limit. Severe pied guys tend to go into flatlines after several orgasms.

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