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Discussion in 'Pornography Addiction' started by light, Apr 11, 2012.

  1. light

    light New Member

    Is it correct that rebooting can take much longer time for people who has started early with porn and used extreme material? So instead of 2 months so might need 4 months or more of no pmo?

    I am now on 30 days + of no pmo, but I have a internet addiction. I guess the internet addiction also jacks up my dopamine levels unnaturally, so can my addiction to internet slow down my recovery process from internet porn? Should I try to limit behaviors that unnaturally raises my dopamine during recovery? (internet, junk food, movies etc..)
  2. finallyfaund

    finallyfaund New Member

    If you took a 20 year old virgin that had been wanking 3 times a day to porn for 10 years and he recovered in 2 months it would be a miracle.
  3. Withnail

    Withnail New Member

    Started using porn as a habit about 4-5 years ago with a guess, before that I just used to use it now and again and even then it was softcore. I remember when I used to get rock hard during kissing and cuddling, I really miss those days. I am assuming that my recovery time may not be as long as some other peoples but then again theres no way of really knowing.
  4. Gary Wilson

    Gary Wilson Active Member

    Only certain drugs can raise dopamine levels above natural levels. Meth and cocaine are way above natural levels, but nicotine and alcohol are below the levels of sex.

    What's the most addictive drug? Nicotine. Yet it has the lowest level of dopamine. It's the continuous hits that train the brain - which is somewhat like continued use of Interent porn.

    The question - will drastically reducing internet time speed recover? Some guys believe so, but know one knows.

    Keep in mind that many guys recover while still playing video games, drinking, smoking, and smoking pot. One can eliminate one addiction while keeping another - 80-90% of former alcholoilcs are smokers.
  5. Trev

    Trev New Member

    I have found that my random internet usage has declined rapidly as my reboot has progressed. I no longer do much random surfing and I used to do a lot of surfing for information of no great importance other than to entertain myself. I think that this is due to to the fact that my life is slowly opening up and so I want to spend less time by myself on the computer and more time with other people. I was consciously trying to refrain from surfing the net too much, but now I just seem to do it naturally.

    I have always been somewhat anxious in social situations, but this is getting better and better as well. I used to rely on alcohol as a prop for my social anxiety, but I have cut that out for April to see how it feels. It felt uncomfortable at first, but I didn't die and it's good not have to rely on it.

    As for the length of time need for rebooting for people who started early, I don't know. I started when I was around 16, if not earlier, and I'm 39 now. The addiction slowly escalated until reaching a peak about 18 months ago (ironically enough when I was living with my girlfriend) It was at that point that I finally realised that I had to change. A few hit and miss reboots later, and I'm on day 30 and going strong.

    I read on the site 'The Sex Addicted Brain' , an excellent source of articles about sex addiction, that the brain requires approximately 90 days of abstinence from all sex for the brain to rewire itself. I am going to find out for myself whether this is true for me or not. It doesn't matter if it takes longer, as it's going to happen anyway.
  6. offthecuff

    offthecuff Guest

    Hi Light,
    why do you care?
    it will take the rest of your life to reboot, and then some!
    There is no time limit and there is no statute of limitations, you get well when you feel well.
    If you feel the need to look at porn you’re not there yet! The best measure I know!!

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