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Discussion in 'Pornography Addiction' started by TheUnderdog, Jun 19, 2013.

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    Lesson 2.

    I used to dwell a lot on my past social faux pas, obsessively. Ever since I started rebooting, when those memories pop up, I just think to myself, "Those are the traits I used to have. I'm not that person anymore, I'm turning into someone else." This is my outline for that person.

    Consistency and self-control in all things. Maintaining order in my daily affairs and inner life, which I need to grow and progress. Unflappable in my relationships with women. Integrity in my relationships with everyone. Industriousness, competence and focus at work. Ability to prioritize my wants and needs in the most productive manner. There are no shortcuts to success. Playfulness in social settings. Physical and emotional strength. Caring and generous - making life better for others. It's late for me, but marriage and fatherhood too. The ability to deal constructively with stress. Contribute to my community. Channel my creativity through my songwriting and guitar playing. Achieve things and be recognized for them. Attract others by having something to offer.
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    Thank you for the Workshop. Will start working on it right away.
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    This workshop looks like a comprehensive program. Perhaps working through it will be the key to finally leaving the addiction behind for good.

    Maybe just passively hoping it disappears and waiting for the days to add up is why I kept slipping.

    Time to bum rush this fucking addiction head on, hit it so hard from all sides it simply has no choice but to surrender. Not a full on white knuckle willpower attack, just an overload of information to defend and ward off any wandering urges. Strike them down so ruthlessly, like pulling a weed up from the roots with a goddam backhoe, this pitiful fucking addiction will not be coming back again.

    Time for self-pity is over. Time for hope and prayer is long gone.

    Mad Monkey is on the frontlines with his addiction right now in an epic fiery battle of heated desire and lusty cravings. Who will be the victor? It's do or die time.
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    I can't get the site on my computer but will try on my phone. This thread provided great info, encouragement, and motivation. Thanks guys! I'm with Mad Monkey: if you're not actively improving, you're failing.
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    Thought it be cool to share a compulsive behaviour 'cookie' of lesson 23 with you (see attachment). So of my last time acting out these were the components involved, filtered through time, intensity and habituation. Pretty interesting.

    I can really see that RN can help me recover from the addiction. At least for me, and I think for many more, it just takes more than abstaining for 90 or 180 days. I need this new foundation for recovery.

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  6. Just completed first lesson. The word relationship kept coming up and the need to break the cycle of addiction in order to keep my relationships healthy. So I will do my best to keep my commitment not to use P for as long as possible to respect my relatioship to: my fiancee, mey mother, my father, all the incredible women and men in my life, people that I help and that help me, my self, my world, your world and to my inner strength and to all of our inherent purity.
    It is said that after many lifetimes the Buddha's final test was to go beyond deisire, I have no delusions that I will go beyond all my desire and sexual desire is inceredibly powerful, it is a good deal about why we are all here to begin with and that is why it is essential to respect it as best as we can. This lesson reminds me that my inner child is wehre I first learned what relationships are and what they could be it wasn't until I was 11 or so that I FAPED and I am not sure that is so bad for me but P and what it does to the mind and that insatiable thirst it creates has got to go. Maybe that will mean no FAPING. I do know that the Buddha went beyond all desire for the beneifit of all beings and Jesus went beyond all pain to also liberate us from our suffering and they are indeed some of my many supports in trying to achieve a steady heart and a mind that does not wander into either self judgement or reactivity. It is important for us all to realize that this work that is incredibly difficult to undertake now, the work of not falling into the mainstream slobbering, unquestioning ways of addiction and loss of life are truly the ways that Buddha and Jesus walked along with many others that picked themselves up each time that they made a mistake, and understood that their own liberation was tied to that of others, not the other way around. that t is what I am reminded of when I see that inner child, that every time I feel like judging others use of P then I am actually closer to relapse myself. I do however already feel very strengthened by you good people (most of which are men) who are doing what it takes to keep the fabric of goodness aligned with the life of humanity rather than its destruction.
    Enjoying the beauty of clear water and real relationship I do pray that we all can hold it together for as long as possible. may all beings support this work of purity and strengthen all our relations. AH HO, SVAHA, AMEN
  7. Day 2 No P. Feeling more centered and noticing my judgements of others while gaining strength. Feeling like porn is literally killing people. Feeling like a legacy I would like to leave when I die would be that of helping people to stop using, to come to greater understanding but fear of the unknown keeps me hesitiant. I am going to start groups eventually that talk about this but I need to be cautious. Don't want to be seen as supressing freedom, dont want to be seen as defiled or as bringing up unnecessary focus on problems that "don't exist". Arent the biggest societal problems those that are invisible yet everyone knows that they are there? Like the things we see and feel these days that just did not exist before internet P. Dont want to live the life of an addict that has to live in fear of my own body, my own sexual feelings for women but dont want to leave a legacy that is half assed. To lead a life that can help others to model what we know is goodness, purity and truth and not shut people out would look good to me however it can happen. To realistically learn how to help others thorough example. No sex is not bad in fact it is wonderful and it is deeply rooted in who we are and how we relate. I cannot prove it in a scientific experiment but it feels that I would like to leave a legacy where I simply don't ever look at P. Why? Because in my experience I notice more apathy, fear, hostility and confusion in many situations and it doesn't come from me. The thing about P is that sex and sexual energy and all people are interconnected so there is no finger to point and nobody to blame for this it is just what has happened to us as human beings and it is our responsibility to protect love from being destroyed and to me sex is how people heal each other and how love can purify and heal energy itself. But this energy is difficult to handle and that is why it needs some consistent container like healthy, committed partnerships. It may seem incredible to think about a world where people could just hook up with anyone anytime and where everyone was in love with everyone else but it just will never happen. Why? Because we human beings need to put in alot of effort to be good in our lives to maintain the good that we inherently are and a world with no families, no committed relationships and no committed partners could go really bad in many ways. I think that most of us know that the world we live in is a reflection of our own inner life and our inner life is reflected in the world. In other words when the mind and body are truly at peace than we can be anywhere and be at peace. Likewise when we absorb P culture and images it will haunt us and wreak havok in our lives and it feels like it is getting to this critical mass where we don't even realize what P is anymore and how may ways it effects us as a culture or on the level of conciousness. But we are taking the first step and all of us on here are true warriors facing our fear and doing it also for those whom we wish to help. I hope to notice how many ways I see P effecting myself, the world and my relationships and keep note of it no matter how crazy, irrational or scary it may seem and I encourage others to do so as well. As far as a legacy I know I don't want to leave a world that has no idea what love is, what patience is or what commitment to ethics and morality is. And these are not boring or lame topics they are why we are here why Hitler is dead and why we can all go beyond P. A world without resect, love and dignity for all is not a world I will be part of. It does not take many to keep the heart mind pure and yet it takes all of us to keep the heart mind pure for each other.
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    paragraphs... ;D
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    The RN workshop is really brilliant. At lesson 30 now. See more and more where it's going and I get a good understanding of my addiction and how to deal with it. This is only the beginning. Can advice it to everybody.
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    I totally agree - I'm at lesson the life skills section - I really like how it's organized......the combination of that structure and the support here......really helps.
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    I'm so disappointed that I had not noticed this thread before, guess its time for me to start the course now 8)
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    The commitment you are making is for you and not all the things (details) you have done are meant to be you set your values and vision and understand your addiction, your emotions and your can then decide how much is needed to discuss.....stay focused and be strong!
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    There are some things I don't agree with the workshop.

    I told my GF about my porn addiction and it was the best decision ever.

    However, there's no way I'm telling her about my past with prostitutes.

    Be honest, but be smart also.
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    I think that most women are actually happy that their boyfriend doesn't watches porn.

    Or at least tries not to, isn't it UD ;) haha
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    the_lad No way I am wasting the next 15 years on PMO!

    UnderDog, thanks for suggesting the RN workshops! I'm just a newbie and can't really say anything about whether they work or not, but I am giving them a proper committed try. After all the workshops are just a framework for creating a new lifestyle without addiction. It's up to us how we make it work in our own life..

    Hoping it will work out, and looking forward to discussing subjects from the workshops here on YBOP. It seems the RN coaches are a bit overwhelmed by the number of people wanting to join their forum, so I don't think it is fair to expect that much follow up from them.
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    Sorry for the SUPERLATE reply.

    I'm in.

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    Thanks Underdog. I am in
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    Going to be starting this program tonight (hopefully), great time to quit PMO - during finals in college lol - but as Tony Robbins would say...the time to change is NOW.
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    It's too bad that this topic is not on top of the list anymore. RN is one of the most useful tools and support in my recovery and I think it can be for many more of us.
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    Let's put in on top for another while then.


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