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Discussion in 'Ages 25-29' started by Guts, May 28, 2018.

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    Guts, from what I read in your journal, I think you have accomplished a lot in terms of rebooting over the last two years. Like, A LOT. Your progression has been really nice to read in the last months. Seriously, congratulations on being so consistent with staying away from porn. I think your ‘’relapse’’ is pretty minor at this point. Like you said, you will probably be cured very soon, if you are not already. So man, all is good. Continue having good habits and keep inspiring us guys down here. Take care, Guts.
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    It's been a week since my last O and I'm still getting insane demon erections. I'll give another update in a week or two.
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    Happy birthday, Guts! Hope you are having a good day, friend.

    Congratulations again on your progress with PIED, and thanks for all the advice. Listening to you might save many guys a lot of precious time.

    Have a good one!
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    Well fuck I relapsed. Full porn too and I was in a flatline as well, I couldn't get the slightest erection. If anything this has just shown me how severe of a case I am. I had gone a good 9 days with libido and then I just went right back to the flatline.

    I've been doing this shit for the last 8 years of my life and the only thing that helps is full no arousal. I realize I've got to treat this like a drug. Am I back to square one, I really don't know. That 7 month streak taught me a lot and this relapse has too, I'm still learning. When I surpassed 6 months I pretty much had a full month of libido and even that wasn't a concrete sign I am recovered. When I got to 7 months I just went back to the ups and downs of flatlines. The one thing I do know is I feel the best when I abstain, and it just gets better the longer I go.

    I think I owe myself a break from these forums I need to stop focusing on all of this, it's truly taken over my life. I do best when i'm doing my hobbies but then I'll see a sliver of progress and I jump right back to these forums to gaze up and down at my favorite success stories. I gotta stop.

    This is it. I'm done with this shit taking over my life. Virtual castration. I'll be back. I would still like to stay in contact with you guys so shoot me an e-mail at wouldn't mind a group chat or some voice calls over discord.
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    Take care, man. At least you keep your head up, that’s good.
    We will all have to leave this forum someday. We are obsessed with PIED and rebooting, so we come here all the time. It’s good that this forum exists, but we still have to live our lives. I am not worried about you, you will get there.
    Good luck, Guts. Be well.
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    well said Bilbo. we can't live in this forum. we live in the real world. I was in AA for many years and sometimes the meeting would keep me sober, I thought. but I couldn't live there. there were some people that had been sober for a long time but never missed a meeting. I am not knocking AA. it works for some. for me it didn't. I had been drinking alcoholically for over 30 yrs. lost track of how many treatment centers I was in. one day I just decided I was not going to drink anymore, no matter what. been sober 17 yrs. 12step won't work for my porn addiction. tried. no matter what nothing seems to work. am 65 yrs old, pied. been fighting this beast since I was 11yrs old. thanks for hearing my rant. a question I am new here-how do I post this so everyone on over 40 forum can see it? again. thank you.
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    I think at some point you need to re-teach you brain how to orgasm again. I was used to do long hardmode streak, have an orgasm and then go back to flatline. Things started to go better for me when i decided to orgasm periodically every 8 days (at time i figured out this was the best gap for me following my libido, for others it cuold be different, like if you are a severe case maybe is better do it once every 2 weeks or so, but teach your brain to deal with the dopamine spike of the O periodically).
    Also i was orgasming only when feeling ready without force erections.

    Another important step was cut off totally fetish from my life. If you were used to watch let's say bdsm porn, and you still MO or have sex thinking/doing bdsm well.. for your brain is like doing porn (i figured out this was enough for bring the flatline back without relapse to P).
    So stop fantasizing about the kind of stuff you were used to watch on P, only realistic/romantic scenario and without manually forcing the erection before be 100% hard.
    This is what seems to have worked for me, it's been a while now that i don't hit a flatline anymore, idk if i'm totally cured..well i wuold say that i'm not (also i'm still limiting my orgasms) but i think it's just because i still need to totally rewire myself to vanilla sex (without fetish) not for pied itself and at least i'm stable now!
    I hope this can be of help not only to guts but to everyone who is struggling with flatlines
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    I wanted to come back on and say things have really turned around for me. I'm doing really good, libido and erections have been very consistent and I feel confident enough to start dating again. I will come back with updates.
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    That’s amazing, Guts. So happy for you. It’s nice that you came back on the forum too. Take care, and good luck.
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    Congrats Guts! And nice to see you again here. I was scared reading your post on Nov 4... Even if something like this happens, you NEVER go back to field one after such a long time of struggling. Maybe this was the lesson to learn (?). Good luck in 2021 and remember what Bilbo Baggins said: YOU WILL GET THERE. Yes, you will...
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    Yo Guts, how things are going ?
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    Interested to hear too.

    Also, hi Guts.
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    Some good news for once, also some okay news. Mini success story.

    the good: I've had sex. I get erections pretty much everyday now, waking erections usually 1-3 times a week.

    the okay: I have PE the first round always, I can stay hard for a long time without any rough sexual stimulation/penetration before an orgasm. If I haven't had a few O's in a couple of days the 2nd round I can last longer however the erection isn't the best but is enough for penetration. Too many orgasms will lower my libido for about 4 days. Sadly I have tried Viagra and it helps with the issue of the 2nd round and I can last for hours.

    I am more than happy with where I am at now, and have finally seen the light at the end of the tunnel. I'm definitely not 100% back to where I was but I have never been this good. I believe in a year the little issues I have now will be gone. But like I said I'm finally satisfied with where I'm at.

    I feel like I can actually help others with PIED now. Stay away from porn, try and limit your O's, and if you feel like you're absolutely getting nowhere, do long stretches of no O's.

    I still don't know at this point if all I had to do was stay away from porn or if it was the half a year hard modes that helped me. I'm around 27 months of roughly no porn now.

    Taking a break from these forums helped me too. I'm never going to leave though. I will update in a few months.
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    Champion. Good to hear you're doing well man.
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  15. So so happy to read this. Congratulations man.

    That was my experience when I recovered as well. After long NO O periods my erections started coming back. I think that for most people going without orgasming is the key to recovery.

    Now your main objective should be one: As you were once addicted to PMOing, get now addicted to success. GET ADDICTED TO BEING A WINNER, who has a better and better sex and overcomes every obstacle life puts in front of him. Your erections will improve more and more. Don't hesitate to use ED meds. There will be a time when you won't need them at all, and it is going to be soon. It will be easier and easier from now on.

    But don't get complacent! A couple of relapses can set you back greatly. I've learned this the hard way. You are done with this, once and for all.
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    Wow, those are really great news. I’m really happy for you, Guts, it’s amazing. Congratulations to you, this is truly inspiring.
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    I'm very happy to read about your recent success. It's so important, as you phrased it, to see the light at the end of the tunnel in recovery at some point as it's a very long and dark journey depending where you come from.

    First off: Being more than 2 years off of porn is a huge accomplishment you can be very proud of! My hunch is that if you have a history of PIED, you can maintain PIED with regular MO alone. So, going hardmode for a longer stretch probably did not hurt you. But in the majority of regular PIED cases, porn should always be the main factor for PIED.

    Stick to your guns, it should only get better from here on! :)
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    Guts, how's it going for you buddy?
    Do you still have bad days(sexual function wise) or has it been consistent so far since your last flatline?
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    Yes I will flatline if I have too many O's. But it will only last about 4 days. I've been doing really well though, I have successful sex usually 1-2 times a week.
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    I am happy for you. Look, something i never came across here, i wonder if yoy have been through it as well or not at the beginning of when you started feeling improvement

    At night, and evening, i feel flatlined and unresponsive. But in the morning and during the day i feel responsive and have libido.

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