recovering from severe PIED

Discussion in 'Ages 25-29' started by Guts, May 28, 2018.

  1. Skewed

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    Congrats Guts , read the whole tread , long way you've come, couldn't be happier for you. I'm suffering from severe pied but reading your journey has given me hope. Thanks.
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  2. Doper

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    Have you noticed a difference in your sleep patterns? ...I've always had a hard time getting to sleep (a lot of the time it's hours), and the only time in my life that I could get to sleep fast was when I was REALLY rebooted. When I was really rebooted was also at a time when I was extremely depressed and anxious, so it should have been less likely I'd have been able to get to sleep fast. Then when I started watching P again I couldn't sleep again. Maybe a coincidence, but I strongly doubt it.
  3. Guts

    Guts Active Member Staff Member

    Thanks Skewed, really glad my journal is helping others. We put in a lot of unconscious work to get PIED and unfortunately we have to put in a lot of work to get out of it, so don't lose hope.

    I'm at 44 days hard mode and things just keep getting better. I did have a slight flatline last week but it was mild. I've come back to the belief that hard mode might really be the only thing that's helped me recover. Over the last 11 months I tried orgasming when I felt like I could and on average 2 or 3 times a month and I did see slight improvements however after the 10th month mark it just felt like orgasms/stimulation were just plateauing me. Once I broke my 6 month hard mode streak I kept seeing improvements in erections and libido for the next 4 months and I didn't see that after I hit 10 months.

    I hope this helps others as well, just to emphasize my belief in hard mode. And I've probably repeated this several times. Prior to my 6 months hard mode streak every orgasm/stimulation I ever had would send me in a flatline for months and it would take up to 3 months for me to see 100% erections. I had done 2 streaks of 3 months of hard mode before my 6 months and both of those flatlined me after I broke them and I never retained any progress I had gotten. I also went around 7 to 8 months of just no porn and orgasmed with women or masturbation and I still didn't see any improvements. It fucking sucks but I realize just how much work is involved in order to get rid of this shit.
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  4. Guts

    Guts Active Member Staff Member

    YES! I actually have. I genuinely believe there can be a conditioning aspect to falling asleep and PMO. In my prime PMO days I would always end the night with PMO and I'd be out cold. When I started getting PIED my insomnia was insane. It's been terrible for the last 6 years of my life. It's only just gotten better now.

    In order for me to go hard mode for 6 months I was using ambien and lunesta just to fall asleep, I was really starting to abuse it towards the end and I was entering tolerance withdrawal without even noticing it. I've stopped using them in february and the withdrawal was insane, I went 3 straight days with no sleep, I even had an episode while I was walking during those 3 days of no sleep where I nodded off and for a few seconds I couldn't even tell where I was, as if I was lost. But now my sleep is even better now that I'm not taking them and I think the rebooting is helping as well.
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  5. Battlesword1

    Battlesword1 Active Member

    I've heard you mention "hard mode" before, but what is that exactly?
  6. Guts

    Guts Active Member Staff Member

    No porn, no masturbation, no sex, no intentional orgasms
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  7. Battlesword1

    Battlesword1 Active Member

    Oh, okay. so basically what I am doing then, cool!
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  8. Babyplatypus

    Babyplatypus New Member

    Hey man I read ur story and it’s truly inspiring I hope I can get in ur position someday. I’ve been seriously depressed with the flatline and was wondering if u could provide some advice? I have gone no porn for 8 months because I have a girlfriend so I’ve had O’s throughout the whole reboot which has slowed me down I think. Within these 8 months I have done 2 hardmode streaks tho of 50 and 70 days. At the end of that 70 day streak I felt cured pretty much but then one orgasm from my gf sent me back in the flatline. It feels like every orgasm sends me back into the flatline now. Do I have to do another couple of months hardmode now? Sorry to ask you so many questions I just am so damn scared
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  9. Guts

    Guts Active Member Staff Member

    I experienced the same thing, I went 50 days, 66 days, 84 days and 106 days and after all those streaks I still went back into the flatline. The only thing that stopped my flatlines or made them less severe was my 6 month streak. I highly suggest going 6 months or longer on hard mode. It sucks but if your girlfriend truly loves you I think she could help you get there.

    I think it all depends on how severe your case is as well. One thing I've noticed is that guys that can recover with just eliminating porn, were still able to get erections to porn. At the end of my run, porn would barely give me an erection or I'd have to abstain for weeks just to get a mediocre erection to porn.

    However I still recommend more than half a year of hard mode, it's really not that scary or hard if you simply forget about PIED, sex, etc. If you wipe it out of your head it's so easy, remember when you were a kid and sex, porn and masturbation weren't even in your life. One thing I've also noticed after starting a journal is how short a year actually is, I never tracked time before this and I remember how long I thought 3 months was, and yet it's not at all.
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  10. Babyplatypus

    Babyplatypus New Member

    Thanks for the advice but it makes me really scared that I’ll never cure my pied because I can’t really go that long on hardmode with my girlfriend. 6 months would be a really long time from abstaining from any orgasm with her.
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  11. Guts

    Guts Active Member Staff Member

    Well, if she can't help you to do that, then tell her to kick rocks. Doesn't sound like she's the right one then. But you never know, you can continue to try sex with her and see if you get any better. It never worked for me but maybe it will for you.
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  12. Thisworld

    Thisworld Member

    Hey Guts, how is the situation with morning woods? Do you have them even in flatline ?
    Do you never reached a point that they were strong and steady?
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  13. Guts

    Guts Active Member Staff Member

    They're still in and out. I'll document whenever they do become consistent.

    This week I'm going to hit 2 months of hard mode!
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  14. Babyplatypus

    Babyplatypus New Member

    Ur doing hardmode again? I thought u were cured after 6 months hardmode earlier
  15. Guts

    Guts Active Member Staff Member

    No I'm not 100% cured. Cured enough to have sex, yes. Cured enough to have consistent sex, no.

    But I am at 57 days hard mode.
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  16. Guts

    Guts Active Member Staff Member

    day 85 of hard mode

    Getting really good results recently. But i'm still not going to do anything stupid. And I think I might just beat my record to be on the safe side.
  17. pebur

    pebur New Member

    Great Guts. Keep on, you will succeed over time. After almost three quarters of a year without porn and in permanent flatline, where I asked myself many times whether it could be age (I am 59), life begins to return in my sexuality and I can see a decent libido from time to time. Last week a had my first successful intercourse for years, without medication and artificial stimuli, just the real thing. Could last even for two rounds after a break. My GF was the reason I quit porn in October 2019 and she was very patient with me. Love can move mountains. We both are very very happy now to see that level of progress. It is not a linear process so the message is: don't give up, no matter how long it lasts.
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