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  1. Tatonno54

    Tatonno54 New Member

    Hello guys! I was one of those boys who try to escape in front of a screen.. I watched porn since I was 12 years old and the addiction it turned out to be very detrimental to my social life. With high speed porn I masturbated even 4/5 times a day. I couldn't have normal experiences with women.. I was anxious and shy. My first sex experience was bad, I've hooked up a drunk girl and I couldn't maintain a good erection during the intercorse. The other sex experiences were related to the same story even if I was attracted by the girl.
    I began my journey to beat this awful addiction in May 2018.. I had some streak of no Pmo for about 2/3 months but when I relapsed I binges for a couple of days. My longest streak was 75 days. Since May 2018 I feel more confident, more disciplinated, more focus but I can't still have good erection during sex..
    I'm currently on day 17 no Pmo. I'm gonna post here week updates about this journey hoping to reset my brain to normal sexual stimuli.
    Stay strong guys, you are not alone
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  2. Tatonno54

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    Day 23 no PMO. Being gentle with myself helps me a lot: we're human, we make errors, we could develop an addiction and still have a choice to recover, to be stronger than before and a chance to develop ourselves. When I'm alone at home my mind goes fast, I have a dopamine rush, my brain is accustomed to be rewarded with porn in those times. I decided to say no. To the system. To the way these big industries wanna entertain us, with those fake scenes and virtual insanity.
    It's tough, doing it alone is difficult, but as a brotherhood we can get through this together and see the light.
  3. GloriousBastard

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    Stay strong...soon the urges for porn will go away.
    I am 5 months in and I don't have any urges for porn anymore...even if I was a heavy addict for 20 years. Still have PIED problems but seems to do better with time.

    Stay strong and you will be fine.
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  4. Tatonno54

    Tatonno54 New Member

    Thank you for the support! I really appreciate that. The urges are still strong. Anyway keeping myself busy and avoid surfing on internet help me a lot.
  5. Tatonno54

    Tatonno54 New Member

    Day 30 no PMO. I still don't have spontaneous erection, even fantasizing a little bit (no porn scenes). I think less about porn and I'm more focus to search for the right girl to be intimate with.
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  6. Bilbo Baggins

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    Keep going man! It takes time, but it will be worth it. Cheers on your first 30 days of no PMO!
  7. Tatonno54

    Tatonno54 New Member

    Thank you! This forum means a lot for me! I'm determined to keep on going!
  8. Tatonno54

    Tatonno54 New Member

    Day 33. I relapsed. How I did it? I downloaded tinder, Instagram and I started to chase girls. I see there are tons of girls posing extra exposed. A lot of nudes on Instagram. I couldn't held it. I was downloaded a porn game, but I decided to not play with it. But I couldn't take any longer that tension and I touched my penis. Just few touches and I came.. I feel relieved now and I can focus more on what to do to avoid this scenario in the future. I started to delete those apps. So back to 0? I don't know if I still wanna count the days. I don't feel like counting the days, I just want to stay away from that shit forever.
  9. Pete McVries

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    It's a learning process. You are recognizing that porn doesn't equal porn. Tinder and insta girls can be as arousing as the hardcore stuff you find on tube sites. A general rule of thumb is to avoid everything and anything that sexually arouses you. More importantly, you must stop seeking arousing material and peeking. Because unintenionally stumbling over a pair of boobs is not as stimulating as looking for the next hit while being in addiction mode. Once you've peeked and you have opened pandora's box, you unleash something it is very hard to get back from especially in the beginning of a reboot and 9 out of 10 times you will relapse that very same day. In my mind, practicing not to peek is one of the most important skills that will decide whether you manage to stay clean or not. Every "veteran" will tell you a thing about it or two. It is really simple, if you don't peek, you won't watch porn and hence not relapse. The good news is that you will get better and eventually good at saying "no, I'm not going to downloading a porn game or open an incognito tab to watch porn" and it will get a lot less exhausting.
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  10. Tatonno54

    Tatonno54 New Member

    Thank you for the good advices. The most difficult part is stay away from that arousal. Sometimes I'd get triggered by some girl on the street. In this society it's very difficult. I will limit the smartphone use to just an hour a day and see if it will get better. ☺️

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