Rebooting since more than 90 days, going through a phase I don't understand

Discussion in 'Pornography Addiction' started by kapsblock, Jul 22, 2017.

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    I am 27 year old virgin male having 15 years of porn history and have PIED and porn addiction. These are my previous threads -

    I have been rebooting since more than 90 days now, but I am going through a phase which I don't understand. I have been almost completely free from PMO during this time(other then surfing once or twice craiglist and reddit for sexual ads) and I have had nightfalls during this time. I have stopped porn, but have continued regularly on facebook, twitter etc. Although it has been advised to be completely free from social media, but in the absence of any social life I do not have any other option. which means I have been feeding my brain a virtual simulation which is not porn but a mild filler for porn. Could you guys let me know if I should completely avoid social media?(facebook , twitter etc)

    Also, I don't exactly understand what's going on - I am no longer feeling attraction towards women - don't feel a need or interest to talk to them. Perhaps this is because I have made my brain understand that I am going through a flatline period in which I will no longer feel attraction towards women. But the issue is that this period has going on for too long.

    Could you guys please tell me if you also want through the same situation ? Is it normal ? Appreciate your response.
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    When it comes to rebooting, everything is normal. There is no normal.

    If you have a low libido, make the most of it as a time away from confusing thoughts about hot chicks in the street. However, also take it as an opportunity to work on your self-esteem. Part of this (and I'm making a big assumption here) can be getting more social skills, and talking to women - you find it easier without a big sexual attraction making you all tongue-tied.

    What I've found in my rebooting journey is that the first half was about facing up to my own negativity - terrible self-esteem, non-existent coping skills, etc - but, after this, I had to begin to learn to be happy, and outgoing. I am learning social skills. I am learning charisma (it's just the art of making other people feel good about themselves). I'm finding that what I'd thought of as something other people were born with is just something I can learn. I really, honestly hope I don't sound like I'm boasting - I'm 47 and learning to be happy for the first time in my life, and you're 20 years younger.

    Try not to worry about social media, it's an important way to keep in connection with other people. Enjoy it for what it is, just don't make it your life, or something to worry about.
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    Thanks a lot for your comment, sir. Appreciate it.

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