Rebooting since more than 90 days, going through a phase I don't understand

Discussion in 'Erectile Dysfunction / Delayed Ejaculation' started by kapsblock, Jul 22, 2017.

  1. kapsblock

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    I am 27 year old virgin male having 15 years of porn history and have PIED and porn addiction. These are my previous threads -

    I have been rebooting since more than 90 days now, but I am going through a phase which I don't understand. I have been almost completely free from PMO during this time(other then surfing once or twice craiglist and reddit for sexual ads) and I have had nightfalls during this time. I have stopped porn, but have continued regularly on facebook, twitter etc. Although it has been advised to be completely free from social media, but in the absence of any social life I do not have any other option. which means I have been feeding my brain a virtual simulation which is not porn but a mild filler for porn. Could you guys let me know if I should completely avoid social media?(facebook , twitter etc)

    Also, I don't exactly understand what's going on - I am no longer feeling attraction towards women - don't feel a need or interest to talk to them. Perhaps this is because I have made my brain understand that I am going through a flatline period in which I will no longer feel attraction towards women. But the issue is that this period has going on for too long.

    Could you guys please tell me if you also want through the same situation ? Is it normal ? Appreciate your response.
  2. Plastic

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    Sell your computer and force yourself to be in the real world would be my advice
  3. Plastic

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    You're basically at the end of your youth, if you don't take drastic steps now you're in for a very bleak existence
  4. Fortune20

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    Plastic RELAX ... Your so dramatic for no reason ... Kapsblock how you feeling bro? Ive gone 265 days now absolutely no PMO except for the wet dream I had two weeks back so I think I will be qualified to help answer your question ... I would replace these social media sites more with self help books ... Try to feed your brain with knowledge and things that excite you ... That also can be workin out ... Anything that can take time off social media would definitely be encouraged ... As for attraction to the women, thats gon take awhile ... Well in my case ... I didnt start getting back CONSISTENT morning wood until last month and Ive been on this journey damn near 9 months now ... But then I lost it because of erotica surfing and got it back recently in the past week .. I would say in the past month or two is when I started feeling real attraction towards women ... Like to a point where I even see bigger females as beautiful and can appreciate what they bring to the table we call life ... It just takes time bro ... It really is that simple ... I would suggest maybe halfway through year if you can make it to that point, God willin, get you a girl that you fuck with to bond with .. It helps smoothen out the process ... Regardless, flatline takes months, sometimes for some people so try not to count the days but instead focus on things that keep you happy and engaged ... The libido WILL pick up ... Trust me, I have to be one of the worst cases on this site so Im assuring you.
  5. simon1986

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    It's a flat line. Welcome to the years of flat lines ahead. Maybe... Maybe not. Only one way to find out. This is totally normal for you to be experiencing after 15 years of PMO. I too was in a similar situation. It DOES get better and eventually one day I'm hoping we'll all be cured and never have to worry about these flats again. Good luck and congratulations on your choice.
  6. Superunknown

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    OP if you dont know the phase youre going through right now you need to do a solid evening of research on What youre going through is predictable and documented. I would advise not participating on the forum till you have your own background knowledge.

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