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    Currently on 3 weeks of no fap, and I think I'm in a flatline, but the biggest concern right now is apparent genital shrinkage. As in, an inch or more off even when flaccid.

    I'm married, late 40s. Moderate fapper, average once every couple days or so, sometimes more, sometimes less. Let's say 15 years now. Been married the last 10. I tried stopping porn before, but the longest I would go was 2 weeks or so.

    A few months ago I noticed some mild erectile difficulty, both fapping and when trying to have sex with my wife. I finally managed to get it up, but it wasn't full strength, and it felt "off". It's happened before, but not to that extent.

    Around the same time, I noticed something that was pretty alarming. It felt like my penis was starting to get smaller. I can't describe it exactly, but it was like it was receding. Checking the mirror, I seem to have lost almost an inch while flaccid. It even feels smaller just holding it to urinate, for example. Not that I have/had a big penis, so an inch or more loss is pretty noticeable.

    So I stopped fapping altogether, with or without porn, to try a reboot. It's been 3 weeks. And now it seems like I'm in a flatline. But the shrinkage has me really worried.

    Symptoms I'm experiencing: No libido. No urges. A kind of genital numbness. Like it's not even there.I still want to look at women, but it's more out of reflex. I'm irritable, foggy headed, almost a depressed kind of feeling that comes and goes. Today the wife initiated sex, and although I was able to get erect, I still felt small and not quite myself. I hope having real sex hasn't reset the clock on the reboot, but if it has, at least it wasn't fapping to porn.

    The shrinkage has me worried the most. The reboot I can handle, if it's just a matter of time to feel normal, from what I've read. But loss of size -- how is that even possible? Does it ever return to normal?
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    Welcome aboard. Your body is going to adapt. Though some of the reactions might be scary remember you will be alright. WB is correct in his advice especially his last post. It is crucial that you stay off porn and dont be depressed. If you don't all this is for nothing and you start over and the same thing will probably happen. Pmo is a trapped circular path that you must break and you can. Stay the course brother!
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    Thanks Wild Bill...although I wouldn't say my "Rogering" was all A shadow of what it used to be like.

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    Thanks Bobo...I needed to hear that.

    But I have to ask...even the shrinkage is normal? When you say my body will adapt, do you mean it will adapt back to what it used to be eventually?

    Amazing to think what PMO can do not only to your brain, emotions and neurochemistry...but your actual physical body also.

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    Hey man,it's totally normal.

    I have baby dick on and off for weeks,when me and my girlfriend have sex my orgasms are so weak it literally feels like I'm taking a is the destruction of modern man,stay strong and you'll be sweet.
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    I agree. There's dark shit out there plotting to keep us down...


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