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    Hi to everyone, it's been few months that i'm following this forum, and today i decided to share my journal.

    I was a porn consumer for just about 7-8 years, but i masturbate to fetish fantasy from the begin of my sexuality and this at first gave me a bad problem of delayed ejaculation.

    So... i started this reboot for cure my delayed ejaculation and the good thing is that it worked... that bad thing is that after 10 days of wild sex i went back in flatline and from that moment i can't get out of it, at the beginning it was again for the orgasm (flatline hitting me right after sex) but now seem that multiple flatlines are just hitting me for no reason ( even if i don't orgasm).

    Sometimes it seems that things start to get better, my penis flaccid size increase and i'm able to get erection just by kissing, but after a few days i woke up with a limp dick and the cycle continues. It's possible that this is caused from porn/fetish dreams? I don't always remberber them but once i dreamed about porn and the day after i was flatlined. Any advice?

    Anyway i started counting 40 days ago, but my journey started approximately 1,5 months before, i will keep track of everything here.
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    DAY 41

    Yesterday was day 41, my penis looked pretty dead all day, but when i met my gf it worked fine. I had sex with orgasm. Due to the fact that flatlines are hitting me for no reason i will try to have sex with moderation and see what happen. I will listen to my body and have sex only if the erection is 100% full
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    Keep going. Flatline is a difficult period of time but it passes
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    DAY 42

    Yesterday was day 42, flaccid size looked better for most of the time, it seems that this orgasm had no negative effect
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    DAY 43

    Yesterday was day 43, i had a good morning Wood and penis looked fine for most of the day, but in the evening some kind of minor flatline hitted me for few hours
  6. Thisworld

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    DAY 44

    Yesterday was day 44 and again i decided to have sex (last time was 3 days ago), i think it was too early because even if my body was 100% ready to go after the orgasm i felt pretty tired and depressed.
    I have to take it easy and maybe try karezza, but i'm worried about that... i mean... be so aroused for a lot of time without cum can't be like edging ?
    ( from what i know edging is bad even without P)
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    DAY 45

    Chaser effect
  8. Thisworld

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    DAY 46

    Yesterday was day 46 and a micro-flatline hitted me for few hours during the morning, in the evening i was ok. I flatlined after 45 hours from the orgasm, that's weird because i was used to be hitted the day after.... i don't know if i have to see this change as a progress or if it is just a random thing.
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    DAY 48

    Yesterday was day 48, had the urge to MO but it wasn't a problem.
  10. Thisworld

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    DAY 51

    Yesterday was day 51, i had sex again after 1 week from the last orgasm.
  11. Thisworld

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    DAY 53

    After 2 days from the orgams the flatline is very powerfull, i think this might be because during the foreplay the things went accidentaly in a fetish related direction and this gave me a mind blowing rush of dopamine.
    I mean.. really? I have to avoid this kind of incident for my whole life or i will be hit by a flatline? (My fetish is innate) This suck!
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    Hey man,

    Does your partner know about your addiction? I told mine a month ago.

    Since then, I shared her an article on Karezza (written by Gary's wife) with her:

    Karezza is basically non-orgasm driven sex. My partner has been surprisingly interested. There is a lot of info on how it can keep a relationship alive after the initial 6-18 month initial infatuation period runs out.

    Could you describe your flatline symptoms? Besides the dead dick
  13. Thisworld

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    Hi, Yes my girlfriend know about this.

    My flatline symptoms basically are just dead penis, low libido and depression.
    About karezza i don't know, i wuold like to try but i'm worried that i can be like edging because you keep the arosual high for a long time without a release. Are you having good result with this method ?
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    DAY 57

    Yesterday was day 57, from my last post I have been in flaltine, after 3 days i had another O and it made the things worse. I don't know if this is just for too much O'ing or if maybe it's just "ups and downs of dopamine" about the not linear process ( and of course orgasm fuck up the things even more in this situation, bacause they relase dopamine and give me dopamine hangover). I'm really start to thinking to try karezza like Universal suggested, but i'm worried that keep the dopamine high during karezza without a relase ( so wothout the prolactin that kills dopamine after the O) can be even worse. Anybody who have done karezza during the reboot with good result ?
  15. Thisworld

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    So today (day 61) i went to my gf, i was planning to try karezza but i lose it, orgasmed very quickly. Probabily i will enter in flatline in the next couple of days. Shit...
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    DAY 66

    It's been 5 days from my last O, no flatline. I will have my next O in 2-3 days. I have not tried karezza yet, but i will
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    DAY 73

    So... the day before my last O i went into a mini flatline, the next i decided to have the O (btw and also tried karezza after that) anyway the mini flatline is still there and it seems that is getting worse with days. No morning woods at all, but flaccid size and mood are not so bad. Is this just part of the not linear process ? I hope so..
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    DAY 74

    Today morning wood returned, but flaccid size is worse than yesterday... is reboot kidding me ?
  19. Thisworld

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    I was going in and out of minors flatlines during these days, but yesterday i got sick and today flaccid size shranked really bad, morning wood disappeared. Depression is huge, i don't understand why the flatline is so bad this time (worse than ever). I know that i need to be strong, but sometimes i just want my life back, my gf is amazing and i really love her, i want to have a normal relationship with her
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    I was going out of the flatline, yestarday i had sex with my gf and i ejaculated without having an orgasm! So weird, but i know that this can happen, then this morning i was litirally edging in my dream... it was a sex dream and i come really close at the edge of the orgasm, the fact is that i woke up before to cum, so i said " and now what? " i mean guys i know for sure that come close at the edge of the orgasm without cum is very very bad so i said "fuck it" and i MO'ed, well belive me... i orgasmed without ejaculation (just few drops). What the fuck is happening to me? I'm experimenting a lot of weird things during my reboot: MW that come and go, i lost the ability to fantasize but despite of this my flaccid size in going better and i also discovered to have a bad hard flaccid problem. I don't know guys... i don't know...

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