Reboot Mission newbie Day 6

Discussion in 'Ages 20-24' started by nick nike, Oct 4, 2012.

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    Day 6 no pmo
    Well today is day 6 and I feel much more better. I had a not very intensive sexual dream which actually had me raping, but it was not violent. I have no idea why I would dream that but it's sexual non the less and that is what my brain is wanting. It is waiting for external stimulus and not getting it, maybe it is creating this internal stimulus to make me getting some external stimulus, but I won't and thats when I think most of my rebooting will start, that is, when my brain realises it will not be getting quick and easy daily high dopamaine rushes. It is so similar so cocaine, u just need more and more to get a rush. Not worth it. Also Iv noticed that I have more emotional for women, like I really want a relationship, it really makes me feel good to think about having one. I have these old feelings back (well almost all) about just non-sexually liking more,being very interested just on all levels, I thought it was something that I must forget about since I'm no more a teenager, because the last time I felt like this I was about 18 before my porn addiction (I'm almost 21 now) so it's not that long.

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