Reason vs. AntiFap Brigade (Warning: long OP, so don't tl;dr me)

Discussion in 'Pornography Addiction' started by Hellborg, Aug 24, 2013.

  1. Hellborg

    Hellborg New Member

    How about I give you two at once? 8)

    Such as?
  2. Joo

    Joo Guest

    I think this 'antifap brigade' exist more in your mind than it does on this forum.

    But I personally can agree on the overall statement you are making.
    For me the addiction is porn. What did I do all these years when I watched porn? I masturbated to it. So what happens when I masturbate now in this addicted state of mind? It is hard to stay away from porn. Cause fantasy has been taken over by these images on the screen. When I masturbate without porn it feels like I am missing something. Of course this is the conditioning of my brain but the urge to jump up and look up a hot porn clip is to big. So then I rather not masturbate for now.
    When the porn is out of my mind, fantasy might come back and so might the pleasurable masturbation sessions I had before getting addicted to porn.
    Although I saw some people repeatedly speaking out against MO during rebooting, I believe they mostly spoke out of personal experience and didn't really had the intention to demonize the act of masturbation. Everyone has to see what works best for him. Like I said I avoid masturbation during reboot for the given reason and besides that its an energy robber.
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  3. Hellborg

    Hellborg New Member

    I wish this was the case. But as herecticx and I have stated, there are people on this board who choose to tell others to stop masturbating on porn addiction forum. Some of them are just mildly annoying about it, and others are plain demonizing, and lash out when you disagree.

    Anyhow, thanks for the post.
  4. hogus

    hogus Well-Known Member

    He tried it but got the chaser and also accepts that what didn't work for him might work for other people. On top of that he relapsed to P recently. Once again, find me someone who categorically believes that MO must be avoided after the reboot for rebooting implications.

    For example, "MO --> PMO, then 0 would --> MO. Then obviously, MO would --> PMO." I think you meant to say "O would --> PMO" so I'll treat it like that. That is wrong since people report the longer they reboot, the less their cravings are for both MO and PMO after O. Therefore the brain does not consider them the same on a fundamental level. This has ALWAYS been the case even with normal users (see

    I really don't know who you're arguing with except yourself. You state that people shouldn't MO until they finish rebooting but your justifications for this are only relevant to MO during rebooting and everyone's assuming that's what you're arguing for. Antifap brigade really does only exist in your head.
  5. breath

    breath Active Member

    pretty sure the initial points - that brain research (brain understanding) are a new frontier of which our brightest are merely (but quite respectably) just scratching the surface is very true. the brain in question is part of the mysterious human body.... soul? spirit? etc... it's a bigger question than we can even fathom. but yes, i do feel that there is no fap brigade cult here.

    it's obvious in the way new ideas (to the forum) are attacked by angry mobs. notice i said the WAY. look for the tone and the kneejerk mob mentality. i hope i'm not just pressing your buttons - if you are welling up with uncomfort and anger as you read - because i respect the pursuit, the sharing and genuine caring that goes on in this forum. But just because i may be an atheist doesnt mean i dont have direct guilt associated with the religion of my ancestors through the culture still quite alive and well..

    in this case of this thread we have someone who was bold but actually quite respectful and willing to listen - but maybe a little fed up.

    i'm pretty sure lots of ideas will surface and maybe the future will show whether the earth is flat or sperical - and let's face it - the next hundred or so years will prove we know little as of 2013.

    re credibility... as far as being intuitive or objective or even aware of our bodies and the cause and effects at work here.. remember we are human animals living in a time were awareness of nature and animal tracking skills, plant recognition (let alone plant uses outside the supermarket are rare). not bashing my self or any of us in this era - but we are clearly not natural humans. using very select parts of our brains and bodies mostly to enter data to machines that do what our bodies can. not saying we are not real men cause we have cars or dishwasher but that there is a serious lack of carnal knowledge coming from the hunter gatherer demographic
  6. TheUnderdog

    TheUnderdog Active Member Staff Member

    I don't consider myself anti fap. I consider myself anti "frequent ejaculation".

    If I were single and had no access to prostitutes, I would do my best to not masturbate more than 2-3 times per month.

    I don't believe frequent masturbation to be either necessary or beneficial. It kills my mood, energy, and sexual desire.

    Regarding lusting for women constantly, it might not be a problem when you're single, but wait until you have a girlfriend.
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  7. al1234

    al1234 Guest

    So I come back from my weekend to find several threads hotly debating whether MO is good or bad. I've already posted a few times about this so I'm just going to quote myself. The thing is, there is a huge difference between those with PIED and those with porn addiction. Whether MO will or
    won't affect your reboot, if you have porn addiction you have to stop MO. Porn addiction did not happen in isolation, it's part of an addiction to feeding your own lust whenever you feel like it, be it with porn, MO or whatever. No, I'm not talking about sex, I'm talking about pleasuring yourself.

    Unfortunately, YBR is too closely associated with YBOP. What people haven't grasped yet it that YBOP is about PIED only, NOT porn addiction. So it's a bit rich to quote YBOP on the 'porn addiction' section of YBR. I suspect a lot of people on these threads are not porn addicts at all, but are arguing as if we were all talking about PIED. This is highly unfair to those of us who are unfortunate enough to have a porn addiction.

    All the best,
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  8. herecticx

    herecticx New Member


    im a completely healthy male who masturbates that isnt addicted to porn

    fuck yall weirdos

    sick of arguing with virgins and betas

    im out
  9. al1234

    al1234 Guest

    as i said before, if you're not a porn addict then my post was not directed at you. You have a fascinating belief structure though:

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  10. Finally.
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  11. WhirlwindTobias

    WhirlwindTobias Man Against Mediocrity

    That's funny, because I'm sick of being called beta because I don't play with my dick.

    Remind me how touching yourself while hiding away in your room is alpha?
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  12. Bazooka Joe

    Bazooka Joe New Member

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  13. herecticx

    herecticx New Member

    Im alpha because i touch myself as i wish because i deserve my own love.

    Im alpha because i dont sit in my room all day and go court and fuck women as i wish.

    Im alpha because i do as i wish

    Beta men follow.

    The only reason i rewired was to get my dick hard so i can fuck again.
    and that i can i do

    so go on and stay with this movement and be king beta amongst betas
    and follower to rules

    because alphas write their own rules.

    a woman isnt going to come along and fuck you just because you havent been playing with your willy. silly sod.
    a woman wants a stiff cock and a man that knows how to put it in her.
    a woman wants a man who is fearless and a man who is not afraid to be a man and enjoy his own sexuality

    of course explaining to a beta is a waste of my time anyway.

    good day to you.

    * and please no virgins quote or reply to me. no offence. it is what it is.

    * I never hide when i masturbate i do it proudly. I have masturbated to women whilst they are right in front of me. and they get off on me pleasing myself.

    Alpha checking out.
  14. al1234

    al1234 Guest

    @herecticx, thank you so much for writing that, I haven't laughed so hard in ages. You're brilliant man. You're like a weird david brent.
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  15. Fapper3

    Fapper3 Guest

    Could you please explain in further detail as I've never really had a Long Term GF.....seriously :-\
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  16. al1234

    al1234 Guest

    In short, if you don't sort out your lust addiction now, then no woman will ever be good enough for you and when you finally get a long term GF, you'll constantly be looking over your shoulder at other beautiful women and your GF won't satisfy you and won't make you happy.
  17. WhirlwindTobias

    WhirlwindTobias Man Against Mediocrity

    I laughed too. I'm not even sure why I responded to him, he's beyond moronic. And I thought Hellborg was a presumptuous ass.

    Heretic I asked you why jerking off in your room is apparently Alpha. I didn't even bring up ****ing women, which is no doubt Alpha but completely off-topic. Not to mention you had the idiocy to act like I don't, based off two sentences. Wut.
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  18. Hellborg

    Hellborg New Member

    Not playing with your dick doesn't make you more attractive to women. Alpha men still masturbate when they need/want. It's only when masturbating too much and not washing your cum rags do women notice you're odd. But then again, that probably has a lot to do with poor social skills too.

    I don't know where you guys get these weird beliefs.

    I like how members of the AntiFap Brigade are the first to fling mud and insults. You guys just need everyone to agree with you. Otherwise, they must be <insert insult here>.
  19. Bazooka Joe

    Bazooka Joe New Member

    Thank you guys, you convinced me that I need to leave this forum completely.
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  20. al1234

    al1234 Guest

    Oh I see, unlike the pro-fappers who call us weirdos, betas and (bizarrely) virgins?

    What I find amazing is you accusing us of needing everyone to agree with us. You started the bloody thread! And with a title as an obvious attempt to make anti-wankers look unreasonable. I wonder if your hypocrisy here hasn't backfired a little.
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