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Discussion in 'Internet Addiction' started by Livefree, Nov 24, 2013.

  1. Livefree

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    I am trying to reboot from Internet. I tried a few times before and always defaulted to reading books, especially fiction. I picked good books but I just realized there is a problem. Books suck a lot of time. If I close the book I get bored very quickly. This feeling is very similar to feeling I have when I close my computer for Internet. I feel fiction has similar problems as Internet. You tend to loose yourself in a alternate universe created by author. This is still escapism...May be more noble but still time hogging escapism. What is the real solution to getting over boredom without escapism through books, tv or texting?
  2. BigPete

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    The only way is to look for new fun experiences that can make you happy. One of the simplest ways I suggest is to have conversations with new people, explore new areas and just go out and experience life for all it can be. Start living again and interacting with people, donate your time, find a cause and support it, find something that you are passionate about, explore new hobbies and activities, there is plenty of things you can do. I personally find conservation difficult but never shy away from trying to start a good conversation, and who knows what can happen.
  3. boston

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    OP, read books. One of the biggest problems in contemporary society is that so few people read. Reading is not escapism. Reading is fundamental.
  4. Zooloo

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    The addiction is first of all a symptom not a cause. And yes, you are replacing one addiction with something else, another form of escapism, albeit a much healthier one. I never really experienced greater clarity or boosted concentration from quitting porn and masturbation, but when I have gone on long spells of reading and avoiding the internet, I do see those benefits.
  5. tk8888

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    Agree 100%. My main issue is procrastinating and not focusing on tasks at hand (or running away from tough tasks) and PMO was my outlet or symptom.

    Reading is great, but find out where your trigger is/why you started PMOing in the first place. Find a solution to the main problem and solve it.

    If that problem is boredom, then start reading, pick up a hobby, etc. If the problem is stress related, then start coping with stress using meditation, the gym (I sort of traded my PMO addiction for this, still haven't solved my own problem), etc. Reading doesn't hurt though and if you are looking for a good book, I just finished To Kill a Mockingbird and loved it. It was a fairly easy read for a classic. Currently reading Moby Dick and the language is just killing me.
  6. nomorefapalexander

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    OP, what kind of books are you reading? There are many books out there which are not beneficial and can be addicting. Like Harry potter, Stephen king's novels etc. I have nothing against these book really, but instead you should read more classics for example. Anyways, good luck with the reboot.
  7. Brunevii

    Brunevii Something I try to teach all my boys..

    Guys, here's some really good science fiction. Completely free and completely legal..

    Depressing though. Also not for the faint of heart.
  8. Screeching Eagle

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    Reading is good, and yes it can be addicting I supposed but the thing with reading is that each novel has its end. This is unlike the many never-ending video games and TV shows running today. Especially video games, they are made to get you addicted so you keep playing. (hence why you find people still playing games like world of warcraft for 11 years).

    I disagree with novels like harry potter and stephen king being not beneficial. I can't say much for harry potter but stephen king's novels have more benefit than you give credit for. Read his dark tower series for example (It's 7 books long but is worth the read). Stephen king was at one time an alcoholic and drug addict and he touches face with addiction in many of his novels. These are real life problems he expresses through his fictional stories. I found some of his novels beneficial in helping with my addiction. (inb4 someone mentions my relapse yesterday).

    The classics that we consider great and beneficial today were often times considered trash in their own time. For example, Gulliver's Travels by Jonathan Swift. It was a childrens story that alluded to the politics of its time (English oppression of the Irish).

    Many novels today that are considered mind garbage will maybe one day become a classic in the future. Many fictional novels allude to our time as well and provide life lessons, especially with the dawning of the information age.

    So I say read on, nothing wrong with it all. I strongly encourage you to read outside your home and in public. I often times spend a few hours in a coffee shop to sit down and read a good book. Reading a book is also a great conversation starter too. I absolutely love it when I can discuss a book with someone.

    Read on brother don't worry about it being addictive, hell anything could be addictive but porn is a different animal since it interferes with our most basic instinct and drive.

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