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    I'm currently reading a book Treating Pornography Addiction by Dr. Kevin B Skinner. Even though I no longer have any interest in porn, I decided to read it in order to obtain the knowledge about this issue 'formally'.

    The problem is, last night as I was reading it, it triggered memories from my porn days - not necessarily nude images or anything, but just simply memories of things I used to do during my porn days (ie, downloading multiple videos, etc) - those things that I actually completely forgot about!

    I was reading it last night before bed and, possibly it's linked - I don't know, I had a sexual dream last night. The dream was not pornographic (they were dreams of a first person view) - so I was wondering if this would be a good idea to carry on reading stuff that brings back memories related to porn use?

    BTW, my erection for that dream (it was me doing foreplay with a hot girl) was quiet weak - is this an indication of how my erection would turn out to be in real life? :( (As if I'd ever get off with a hot girl, for goodness sake!!)

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