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Discussion in 'Gaming Addiction' started by SwimAddict, May 1, 2014.

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    Edit: The beginning of this thread is about quitting clash of clans specifically! Go to post #5 to get to the gaming addiction part

    It goes something like this...

    Just one more raid, then I'll go to bed.

    Wait if I do 3 more raids then I can afford my next mortar upgrade when that builder frees up

    Wait I better stay online for the next 8 hours so I don't lost all my resources in a raid


    Only 600,000 more gold for that upgrade!

    In 3 months I can upgrade my townhall at this rate!

    Seriously the game accomplishes NOTHING and its ruining my life! HELP
  2. pimpetry

    pimpetry Have more fun!

    Re: Clash of Clans addiction!!!

    Read the book called The Willpower Instinct.
  3. Screeching Eagle

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    Re: Clash of Clans addiction!!!

    Clash of clans is terrible in that it attacks the addictive qualities of our brain.

    I just finished with a binge and said fuck it and spent a lot of money on gems $20 when I really could use that on other things... All in all I have probably spent close to $300 on this game. That is more than any other game.

    Here is my suggestion OP and I am going to attempt to do the same.
    1. Remember clash of clans is not fun or adds any value to your life. It's a game that based off the most addictive model out there.
    2. Rearrange your base to look like this
    3. Delete it from your ipad and never look back.

    Clash of clans is terrible in that it makes porn so much harder to overcome. The temptation is too great to look at porn while you are waiting for your army to rebuild. I am going to do the same OP are you with me?
  4. SwimAddict

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    Re: Clash of Clans addiction!!!

    I agree its the worst. If only we could have all those hours back we wasted into this "game"

    Its not even a game, its just an addictive mindfuck that swallows up money. I'm lucky to have only spent $20 but even that $20 could have been spent taking a girl on a date or at least buying a more fulfilling game! Any game is more fulfilling really, this game is DESIGNED to keep you craving more. Its the worst thing for a P addict, it reinforces that same mindset and has long waits perfect for P binges!

    I just redid my base like yours and deleted the game, I know its possible to re download but I'm not letting that happen.
  5. SwimAddict

    SwimAddict New Member

    Re: Clash of Clans addiction!!!

    I've been CoC free since starting this thread, but I had a dream last night about a CoC binge and I could feel myself feeling the surge of neurochemicals that comes with Clash binges.

    I resolved a few days ago to stop playing this type of free2play game, I will only buy games with no in app purchases or cosmetic ones only. Games that force you to grind or pay are no longer acceptable on my devices.

    I read an article about the way addictive games are built on Cracked, its a good read but at the same time Cracked is a dangerous place for a porn addict so approach with caution.

  6. SwimAddict

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    Re: Clash of Clans addiction!!!

    PC Gaming has become my latest addiction.

    Like clash of clans it must be eliminated cold turkey.

    Funny thing is when I play I don't even enjoy it in the traditional sense. I just feel this NEED to keep going. I become a zombie, can't focus on anything but the next mission. My brain is so fucked up and fogged from the last few days of game binging I can't even think.

    There's a part of me that sees this change as "wasting" the cash I dropped a year and a half ago on my PC, but just like the now "wasted" cash I spent on CoC its better to cut my losses for the future.

    was going to rant on here about this more, put a journal entry in instead. Link is in my sig if you want the rest of the thoughts haha!
  7. SwimAddict

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    Changed the name of this, this will now be my journal to freedom from gaming.

    I realized I'm addicted to gaming, and there are better things to do with my limited time here than spend them in a game.

    I'm quitting games cold turkey as a result.

    My motivation is threefold
    1. Gaming serves little practical purpose other than occasionally stress relief, but there are better ways to do even that
    2. Gaming has become a compulsive behavior and I hate that
    3. Games contribute to the modern day over stimulation, and are being designed to be more and more stimulating and addicting year after year.

    Today I deleted all my games off the steam library and origin library. I still have the ability to play them but now each would need a 1-2 hour download before doing so
  8. SwimAddict

    SwimAddict New Member

    Yesterday was the first time in months I felt any desire to watch Netflix lol. I'm home all day today should be interesting if I can be productive!
  9. flamingwind

    flamingwind Guest

    There is nothing worse than spending time and money on games that aren't exactly fun and feel more like work than a game. I remember a few Yeats back I was so addicted to perfect world international, an mmorpg on the pc. It wasn't a game, it was was my life. For about a year all I did was staying in my room play the game and watch porn. Looking back I was so happy of having that lifestyle, but it's one if the many reasons why my body is messed up right now. I have been a gamer for 22 years, but as time goes on I can see my interest for it dying
  10. goingforward

    goingforward Keep calm and carry on!

    i stopped playing games after i had installed ubuntu os on my computer; i think it may help you too
  11. SwimAddict

    SwimAddict New Member

    I can feel my mind crying out for more stimulation with every passing day! While I don't think a relapse here is all that likely, the effects of not gaming are brutal.

    At the same time eventually this will lead to a more productive and social me, but not yet and not without other changes in my life.

    @flamingwind I agree! One of the things that's pressuring me to quit is the fact that gaming doesn't feel fun most of the time. The only times it does is when I'm trolling around with friends.

    @goingforward I considered linux, but for now uninstalling is working. Unfortunately with smartphones and such blocking gaming at an OS level has gotten much more difficult.
  12. I barely play games a lot anymore. I bought an Xbox One and I barely play it or watch tv through it. It feels like real life as finally set in (working, bills, and being social).
  13. SwimAddict

    SwimAddict New Member

    Great article, also applies to P addiction:

  14. TheHighRiser

    TheHighRiser Shaman, take my hand.

    Create a counter for COC abstinence And problem solved.
  15. SwimAddict

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    It's funny I heard a bunch of guys at the gym talking about how their bro didn't come that day so he could stay home and Clash!

    I've been CoC free since starting this thread, and gaming free for almost two weeks!
  16. xkcd42

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    I'm not much of a gamer. The longest I played game on PC was 2 hours. (Two sessions of L4D2 on steam).

    I play once a while when I am stressed out. (Like once or twice a month)

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