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    So I know I have it and been studying a lot on it lately.

    I also know it’s different for everyone and how their body reacts as time goes along.

    For me I was addicted to extreme porn - it started small but over the years it increased because the dopamine reward increased. I’m not going into details into all that other than it was extreme porn over the course of several years.

    So I went to the urologist over this ED issue and my health was checked and my testosterone is low - about 350 - so he put me on clomiphene citrate 50mg every other day. The reason is to boost testosterone without impacting fertility which TRT would do in order to just get it up a little. He’d be happy to see me get back to around 500. So other than that, health wise I’m ok. I also changed my diet and started working out regularly.

    So I quit porn cold turkey. That was a few months ago and I’d say the first week or two after that my erections were raging - I thought I’d won - like it was almost too easy. But after that it dipped entirely and now it’s extremely difficult to get an erection or even libido even though I’m making all these positive changes. That is causing me a little bit of anxiety but I refuse to let it play in my mind like a fiddle so I instead learned that this isn’t uncommon when your brain is healing. So this can actually be a good sign!

    From my perspective, and I’m curious to hear from others, it seems like since I’m no longer feeding my mind that dopamine fix it doesn’t really know where to derive that natural pleasure from. Basically if my mind was a computer - I just turned it off - and now it’s going through my personal reboot process. And eventually over time - as long as I keep anxiety away - my mind will reboot and my erections and libido will return if I keep doing the right things.

    My questions are during this period should I even be trying to “test” erections? Or does that just set you back? I’m only thinking about natural sex in my head to test things and it’s very difficult to get and maintain an erection. I think maybe the reason is exactly what already said - that my reboot has begun and my brain (computer) - hasn’t rewired yet but it will if I stay the course. In the meantime I’m thinking that I shouldn’t sweat it or let anxiety win and instead sort of enjoy the challenge of this process and my guess is even trying to get erections right now isn’t necessary and maybe even set me back a little - not as bad as porn but my brain is healing and I need to let it heal for this reboot.

    Thanks for your input guys and any suggestions you can offer to help me speed this up or at least be successful. I want to be a better man all the way around and I have made this my priority.
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    The brain does not need to "rewire" anything or "reset" anything because the brain is not a computer hard drive. In the human species the sexual drive is innate. It is an impulse that is already with the species since the individual is born.

    Not because you sholud to take precisely a few or long break for a few or many months from any sexual stimulation. Once the body rests from sexual stimuli, the cravings to be in the company of someone will begin to be felt. It's not about whether "you can get an erection or not", it's about getting your interest in sex (libido) back to "baseline" so to speak.

    Fluctuations in libido are very normal in all people. There are days that a person wants sex more than other days. There are days that we don't think about it at all, and there are days that we are very "hot" Libido and the ability to get excited (easy erections) are fluctuating, that is: they come and go. In that sense, that has nothing to do with his masturbation habits watching porn in the past.


    The brain never resets, the brain learns new things. The brain cannot be reset because the brain is not a computer hard drive or a mobile phone hard drive. The brain is too complex an organ and structure to try and compare it to a hard drive. In that sense, the term "reboot" in my opinion, is a somewhat vague and meaningless term.

    As time goes by, you will feel that there are days when you have a great desire to be with someone (sex). And there will be days in a row of lack of desire to be with someone (sex). But this is very normal in my way of seeing things because that happens very normally to all men. In fact, it happens to women much more constantly. Libido is something that comes and goes in people.
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    Lots of good info, thanks! I’m going to refrain from everything then from here on out. I haven’t had any craving at all which is kinda odd because I expected it so I think if I just don’t overthink and don’t let anxiety win I’ll be fine.

    I’m going to keep making healthy choices over and over and let my body abs mind do the rest.
    Thank you!
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