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    I am seven days into hard mode (I know its very early) and today I was sitting next to a girl that was attractive and smelled really good. I definately had strong feelings of an erection wanting to start but just couldnt. I feel that if touching was involved I might have been able to get hard. In your experiences has progress been more of a gradual or sudden thing. Also am I expecting too much to get hard just from looking at a girl? I mean I am not 18 anymore and will be 30 this year.
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    In my experience I really don't get too turned on by simply looking at a girl. The way I see it, we aren't 14 anymore having hormones blasting through our brains for the first time so those types of things are less common. Granted I wouldn't say I have came to a point where I am 100% rewired, but I have made it far enough right now to have sex with a girl and notice my social anxieties almost completely disappear. The thing that will get you going is the interaction with a girl, flirting with her, touching her, kissing etc. You aren't just gonna wake up one day and start getting raging boners for every attractive girl you see walking down the streets and that's because it isn't all about the looks of a girl but a lot of how you two are interacting with each other as well. That being said a more attractive girl never hurt haha
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    I have fully recovered from PIED and I would say it's a gradual thing.
    It's also incredibly non-linear so one day you might feel mega horny and then the next day completely tuned out of sexuality.
    After time though you will see an overall increase in your real life sexual attraction.

    Also, you are NOT supposed to get an erection just by looking at a girl.
    Never judge your progress unless you are with a girl who you're touching sexually and getting intimate with.

    Good luck :)

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