Question! Can I have coffee during a reboot?

Discussion in 'Erectile Dysfunction / Delayed Ejaculation' started by amanwed, May 19, 2023.

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    Hi! I'm 38 years old and I have severe erectile dysfonction. Even if I masturbate alone I don't get hard. It's probably because I masturbate to much in my life (and porn was part of it, unfortunately). My first sexual experience was with porn but the first time I masturbate, I had no ED at all. Few years later, I got ED.

    I know that what cause ED is the brain need a rest of overstimulation. I wonder if drinking tea (caffeinated) or coffee can slow down my recovery process? Or can I have it without problem to my recovery? I'm willing to avoid porn and masturbation for sure.

    Thank you to let me know if it's possible to recovery while drining coffee. :)

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