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Discussion in 'Pornography Addiction' started by Anewlife, Apr 15, 2013.

  1. Anewlife

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    Dear reader.

    I am currently on 14 days no orgasm and 110+ days no porn. Today i went to a big bodybuilding event and saw a LOAD of beautifull/barely dressed woman (even 2 naked bodypainted girls) i felt really weird looking at all those girls since i have barely seen any since the past 110 days. I didnt feel horny or sexual arroused at all. also i hadnt had the slightest erection.
    I really like to know if today has had an negative effect on my rebooting process.
    I hope to hear from you.

    Greetings and thanks on forehand
  2. strider

    strider New Member

    In my honest opinion, I dont think that sets you back as far as your reboot is concerned.

    Maybe you are at the point, you can just admire the beauty of a naked girl without treating her as a sex object, a means to satisfy your desires. Maybe being at a public event stopped your mind from feeling the excitement we are used to having when looking at a naked girl in a closed room on a computer screen. I have had instances where there was an arousing scene being played on a TV and if my roommate was around, I would feel awkward having a boner and just control myself (maybe happens sub-consciously)

    But thats just my 2cents, hopefully more people can voice their opinion on this.
  3. richard29

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    Man, don't worry about it, seeing a barely clothed girl in real life is fine - it's gonna happen.

    And unless you're in your teens it's very hard to get an erection from just looking at a hot girl. Take it easy and see how you react with an actual partner. After 100 days i bet you've made some good progress!

    You're not watching P or M'ing regularly, so relax! Maybe think about rewiring to the rel deal sometime soon...
  4. Anewlife

    Anewlife Member

    Thank you for the reply!! i am relieved to read your post.
    In the evening ive seen my ex-girlfriend and we made out and cuddled etc.
    During this time i had an rock hard erection.. i really hope things are getting better for me.
    I didnt masturbate during the whole reboot but i had sex (or at least tried) the whole time.
    Should i go whitout sex for a period of time to speed up my reboot?
    i hope to hear from you
    thanks again.
  5. richard29

    richard29 Member

    Successful rebooters do say that you should avoid sex for a period of time (2-3 months) and not O to heal quicker. People say you can have sex when rebooting, it'll just take a lot longer (6+ months).
  6. Anewlife

    Anewlife Member

    Thank you habitus for your input its well appreciated. Since i have the idea you
    know a lot about this rebooting and abstaining from orgasm and sexual stimuli i have another question.
    is it bad to have sexual sms converstaions with her? yesterday she sexted me and i replyed and so on. I had an 80% erection during the whole process but this morning i felt down and i have the idea this isnt a smart thing to do at all.
    I hope to hear from you.
    Thanks again
  7. richard29

    richard29 Member

    I only repeat what people have told me :)

    Yeah, I have similar problems with texting or even skyping / photo sending. Essentially, this is bad for you right now and you should really try and put a stop to it. Your brain and body needs time to rest with no arousal.

    Other questions like this will come up for you, and one thing that Gary Wilson (the guy who founded YourBrainOnPorn) maintains is that if we have any queries we should remember this: "Artificial Vs Real"

    If it's artificial, which texting, sexting, any computer image, etc, is, then it's a No. If it's real, actually kissing, hugging, flirting, even gentle sex (with no O) then it's fine, good for you even.

    So, just remember - Artificial Vs Real - anything that is computerised, digital, technological, is NO. Anything real is fine.

    Course that doesn't mean to say you should start doing everything real straight away, you perhaps need a rest from everything first.

    Hope that helps.

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