Pushups give sore wrist, what to do?

Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by breath, Mar 19, 2014.

  1. breath

    breath Member

    my arms and chest are able to work push ups hard - but have naturally weak wrists.. what to do?
  2. Lifusto

    Lifusto New Member

    First, an obvious one, but rest some days to recover.
    As you can't develop directly your wrists, rather work on your forearms.
    Then it depends on a lot of things : How many pushups do you do ? In which position ? Do you let days for your muscles to heal?
  3. nemo333

    nemo333 Guest

    Do push ups every second or third day.

    Do them properly and correct.

    Rotate your wrists and slightly stretch them as a warm up.

    Get a lacrosse or squeeze ball, to strengthen your grip and forearm muscles.

    Again rest do everything in sets of repetitions.
  4. Universal

    Universal Guest

    Do them on your fists
  5. breath

    breath Member

    great suggestions.
    gonna warm up, and also try rotating. i will look for some solid dense foam and try fists.. the ball sounds great. will it work hand and forearm muscles?
    What about exercises for stretching and strengthening the the wrist as it flexes and allowing it to be stronger when held straight. i also trying a modification spreading the weight on fist forearm (elbows bent 90 degrees.
  6. Gruznbyrg

    Gruznbyrg New Member

  7. Bibbity

    Bibbity Wife of a recovered addict. 3 yrs strong.

    I use the small hand weights so my wrists are not flat on the floor. My yoga instructor told me this little tip.
  8. Chalkman

    Chalkman New Member

    Some people also think that doing pushups on dumbbells or handles is "weak" or something, but it actually gives you a better range of motion, which can give you a better workout if your shoulders are healthy.
  9. new_1

    new_1 Guest

    Exactly. Otherwise, it's too much weight on your joints.
    Ever since I don't put my hands flat on the floor anymore, there's very little limit to exercise.
  10. Coma White

    Coma White ·★ ғar вeyond тнe ѕυn ★·

    The best suggestion is the one a few of the guys made already, do them on your fists. It puts your fists, wrists and forearms in a straight line and it doesn't put pressure on the wrist like when you do them on your palms. If your fists get sore put a carpet or something under them.
  11. breath

    breath Member

    great. i've been trying, but my wrists are not strong, any wrist exercises to compliment?
  12. Thecutler

    Thecutler Guest

    If you need to strengthen your wrists you can do exercises with small weights. Find a flat surface like a table and put one weight in each hand, lay your wrists flat on the table with your palms facing toward you pull your your hands up and down. Do about 10 reps. Now do the same thing but with your palms facing away from you.
    This will help to strengthen your wrist, or you could just change your pushup technique :p
  13. new_1

    new_1 Guest

    You could also get one of these things. They are often referred to as GyroBalls or PowerBalls etc. There's a spinner inside that you have to keep spinning by rotating your wrists using a certain technique. My physiotherapist often recommends them.
  14. I used to once have a similar problem in fact push ups almost ruined my wrist joint; i remember that acute pain! The best thing you can do is do them on your fists on a carpet or mat, I came to know about this throught that scooby1961 guy on youtube, that man runs a fitness channel on youtube and he gives some really helpful advice. Personally i would not recommend anyone to ever do pushups on your palms, because if you don't have wrist issues; doing pushups on your palms will someday eventually give you wrist problems.
  15. InChristAlone

    InChristAlone porn gave me a limp noodle too, Gabe haha

    as others have stated, keep your wrists in a neutral position. you can put dumbells in your hands when you do them or on your fists. they actually have little attachments for this purpose at my gym.
  16. breath

    breath Member

    an quitre specific explanation i just found. it compliments an solution stated above as well.
  17. breath

    breath Member

    this one is great as it goes to the source.

    When i think back i've never had problems and all of a sudden at 49 yrs...


  18. breath

    breath Member

    I'm progressing.
    thanks to all.
    - yay ! .....
    i read all suggestions and found cool videos online.

    what's helped:

    resting of course when it was hurting... but then:

    but the rehab started well with the stretches in the video. extended arm reaching out - palm flat on wall...
    i realized that with arm at ninety degrees and palm on wall that my range of motion had decreased. the back of the wrist is several degress short of making it as far as ninety degrees from the arm. the stretch is noticeable esp in the middle finger. doing this stretch against the wall as in the video (either just on it's own - or beforehand if i do any push ups) helps immensely.

    Also, Fist push ups on a folded towel (i'm only doing a few sets of 4 pus ups so far as i'm trying to get back cautiously) (i used to do 30-38 deep push ups)(the fist push up is a new thing to adjust to, so again i'm taking time to get used to it)
    i also I lie in push up position except with my belly down and position my wrist (with out weight) in almost right angle to feel a nice gentle stretch. and i don't actually do push ups just feel the stretch - at least for now.

    I feel that if the flexibility feels easy i may also do them in the same position that i had when i was younger as well as doing fist push ups on a folded towel.
  19. Psalm Reborn

    Psalm Reborn New Member

    I have had the same problem for a long time and a few times I thought my left wrist was actually broken.

    You need to spend at least 5-10mn stretching and warming up your arms and wrists, dhake your wrists up and down, rotate them in circle, close and open your hands several times ubtil you feel your arms and wrists warm and blood flowing.

    For pushups you can buy small pushup bars that you can grip instead of having your hands open on the floor and therefore having your wrist exposed. It also helps not having to do pushups on your fists.

    You can use wristbands that will protect your wrists if you do heavy lifting but I recommend wearing these as little as possible or your wrists will never get stronger.
    Barbell curls make the wrists and forearms stronger.
  20. breath

    breath Member

    the exercise that is in the still of the youtube video posted above. palm flat to the wall.. that one absolutely helping.. i'm back. i do that stretch a couple of times daily esp before any pushups.

    and i can then after warming up do them with hands flat on floor - no pain! I'm starting to do fist push ups on a towel folded over many times. i also do flat handed push ups with the towel under the heels of the hands - the slight elevation (1/2 inch) is enough to change the angle a few degrees

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