PTSD From something I've done 3 years ago

Discussion in 'Ages 20-24' started by RegretFullestFappin, Jan 31, 2018.

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    Hey, we all have made mistakes in our past. But we don't have to let them control us. I felt a lot of guilt to when I started rebooting. But as I progressed, the feeling of guilt faded to be replaced with a feeling of aliveness. I used to be worried about being outed too. But I decided not to let my past blackmail me into staying where I am. Don't you let your past do this either. The chances of you being outed are very low. And even if you do get outed sometime, won't it be worth it to be able to say, "yeah I was an addict back them and made some dumb choices, but look what I have made out of my life in the meantime." Don't look back. Walk straight forward. Your dreams are in front of you. Grab them.
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    What did you do in your past and Ik but I dont have that invincible innocent self confidence anymore to conquer the world as I had ...... before this crept back
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    Im just glad there was no oral sex or real sex or anything
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    I wouldn't worry about it. I know a guy at work. He's an ex marine and very masculine

    He went to Thailand was making out with what he thought was a very attractive lady. Turns out she had a penis. By then she/he was back at my work mates apartment, he just said "Fuck it" and that's what he did!

    What im trying to say us your not the first and you won't be the last. Some of the lady boys can be very convincing

    Dont let this Define you, at the end of the day it doesn't really matter imo

    Defo don't have ptsd over it, a lot worse things happen to people. If it really bothers you find a professional to talk to about it. Ive seen people burn alive and people die slowly with their blood splattered everywhere while they have there rib cage sliced open and heart massaged by hand. Life goes on, for those of us who are lucky!!

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