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    Before I get to the actual question, I feel I should explain some history about my journey with NoFap. I actually started my journey when I was 16/17 after a couple of failed sexual encounters with girls. I had stayed off PMO for 6 weeks but after that I unfortunately relapsed and never went back to NoFap...till now.

    That was about 3 years ago. I'm now 20 years old. Here's how I found my way back. After talking with some friends, they realized that I've never had a true sex experience so they wanted to help. They each offered some money for me to a whorehouse the week after which I accepted.
    Fast forward to said day where I go to the whorehouse. I'm pretty drunk having had about 8 beers before. Also had some of viagra (which didn't work but we'll get to that later). I go into a room with a pretty girl. Actual the same age as me which was cool. We get started and I am only semi -hard all the way through and I didn't finish/ejaculate/O. The viagra didn't work and I am reminded of why I did NoFap 3 years ago. It wasn't as bad as my previous experiences but I still felt like crap when I got home. That was about 2 weeks ago. I haven't PMO'ed since that day. I actually didn't PMO the day before that either.

    I know there are some prostitute related questions out there already by fellow NoFap members but I feel mine is different. Should I start my badge from the day before where I didn't PMO or should I start it the day after the whorehouse visit?

    A factor for other NoFap bretheren for resetting was that they paid for the service. But I didn't. Another factor was that it felt cheap like porn does when it didn't feel like it to me. It was actually a pretty vanilla experience. I just wanted to perform. And I want to perform and feel good while doing it like you should during sex. PMO or not.
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    I don't think you should reset your badge. You didn't do out out of compulsion, you were actually encouraged to do so, you don't seem to get addicted to prostitutes, and it can actually be a beneficial experience (note that I'm not saying seeing prostitutes is beneficial; just that in your case, it's a very good reminder of why nofap is important to you).
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    1. Man, I also want friends like that.

    2. Do not reset anything. Actual sex is good for you, not bad. Although, arguably, prostitutes can be a bit... Pornographic. So maybe try to stick to "regular" girls for the time being.

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