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    I have been on no pmo (with the occasional masturbation without porn) for about three years and I consider myself fully recovered. I don't know if I had porn-induced ED before because I actually lost my virginity about 6 months after I started no pmo and I had no erection problems at that point. However, I definitely ejaculated prematurely. I have only had sex a few times since then (one night stands essentially) and I prematurely ejaculate everytime. On round 2 I can last up towards 10 minutes, so there are no big problems there, but I would love to be able to last longer the first round.

    Anyway, I've been reading online that premature ejaculation may be genetic and it kinda scares me. Because the thing is, I ejaculate really fast (well within a minute) everytime (on the first round). I aslo come fast when I masturbate. But I also think that my premature ejaculation can be a result of no pmo as I am so sensetive (anything arouses me essentially lol).

    It's been three years since I pmo'd so it's definitely not a result of porn. I don't remember if I had premature ejaculation problems when I watched porn or not, it was so long ago.

    My question is essentially, do you guys think that this is genetic or just a result of no pmo? Do you think that this can be overcome by finding a partner to have steady sex with? Is there anyone who has been in a similar situation with severe premature ejaculation that has solved this problem through steady sex?

    Part of me believes that steady sex should reasonably solve this problem but part of me thinks that this is physical and genetic seeing how everytime I get an erection it seems like I'm close to ejaculating (with the exception of the second round when I'm not nearly as horny. Basically, it feels like there's no way I'm gonna be really aroused and still last long.

    Anyway, thanks!
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    I'm in a similar boat... If I don't have sex for a while I'm very quick... But my gf doesn't want sex that often (max twice a week) so I don't know if having more sex would help. I personally think it's a psychological thing... Like I'm not as confident as I could be in bed because of the issues I've had with PIED so I feel less in control. Sometimes though, I can last 10 minutes and my GF wants me to finish. I think we both probably need more sex and experience to be honest. I'm nearly 500 days clean btw.
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    Shit mate, forgot to congratulate you on your 3+ years. Totally awesome achievement. You did it. Can I ask, are your erections fine each time you have sex? And how frequent are you having it? Cheers and well done again.
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    Thanks deathgrip. I squat 135kg ATG and DL 180kg at the minute so my legs/glutes are solid. I agree it probably does help somewhat... But surely not the only solution.
  5. simon1986

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    Mate, I'll try anything to improve my sex life. I ruined the 15 years of sex due to PMO so I'm determined to have great sex from now on. Thanks for the advice.
  6. travormcdonald

    travormcdonald Quitting Porn for a clearer mind.

    As a man with the opposite problem I can't see how PE can be caused by weak muscles. Like my problem is never even getting to a point where I can be horny enough to actually start thinking about finishing, it's all mental for me.

    When I quit Porn and haven't had any of that awesome visual stimulus then I seem to come close, but I've had 1 day where I had been so horny from that stimuli that I've gone and Pre-jacked... in that moment j just remember being so horny from the porn I had watched that day that I couldn't control myself. Ironically I was actually very happy with myself and premature ejaculation is a bit off a fetish for me because of how rarely I cum never mind cumming quick.

    I've been having régular sex for a couple of years and I think everything to do with cumming is psychological, you guys are overstimulated/excited and I think the anxiety you get also pushes you guys to cum quick where as it makes me either lose my hard on or makes my dick numb I basically can't feel a think even though I'll be so hard.
  7. Connoisseur of Lotions

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    do kegels, breath deeply, try dapoxetine
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    Maaan. Do kegels... Do reverse kegels... Which is it? I hear a lot of conflicting information about this.
  9. Connoisseur of Lotions

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    I'll take a guess that its different for everyone. Dapoxetine will work for sure.
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  11. 1234dyl

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    Ok I think I get it... I think I need to just chill out in sexual situations to help with everything.. but if I'm too relaxed sometimes I lose my boner or worry that I'm going to lose it.. tensing and pretty much kegelling helps to keep a full boner but PE is an issue. However, I've been with my girl all weekend and the more I'm with her / have sex etc I think I'll be able to chill out more.

    Sorry for the life story lmao thanks for your help.
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    this is definitely the answers i was looking for.thank you all
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    Deathgrip hit me up bro
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    How to reduce the frequency of wet dreams?
    Relaxing the bc muscles and doing kegel for pc muscles is enough ? Doing kegel for pc muscles have any side effects ?

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