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Discussion in 'Accountability Partners' started by TheUnderdog, Jun 11, 2013.

  1. Bazooka Joe

    Bazooka Joe New Member

    I'm gonna visit you someday. ;D
    I totally dig latin chicks.

    I am from germany btw.
  2. nomorefapalexander

    nomorefapalexander New Member

    There must be some real hot women out there.
  3. Aussie_85

    Aussie_85 Guest

    God i love German women.

    and latin women..

    And....just women :-X
  4. nomorefapalexander

    nomorefapalexander New Member

    I Masturbated just for a couple of seconds under 1 minute, and had a small ejaculation because I stopped right before it.

    I was watching a video from YBOP and got triggered by the suggested videos bar, so this may be the cause.
  5. Aussie_85

    Aussie_85 Guest


    Back in 'no mans land' atm...need to GTFO of the kill zone

  6. al1234

    al1234 Guest

    Guys, it's really important to break the autopilot response of urge-->relapse.

    This thread is the perfect place to post about urges before they lead to relapse. Even if you relapse afterwards at least you've broken the autopilot. Breaking autopilot is the most important part of recovery.
  7. Aussie_85

    Aussie_85 Guest

    ^ i hear ya mate but my triggers are really intense.

    It's more than just "i feel like PMO'ing"

    will explain tomorrow.
  8. Bazooka Joe

    Bazooka Joe New Member

    Mir geht's super, bis auf, naja du weißt schon. ^^

    Most of them german women are quite boring to be honest.
  9. al1234

    al1234 Guest

    Guys, 4 relapses in a week. we've got to get our heads together and come up with something that works for all of us.
  10. nomorefapalexander

    nomorefapalexander New Member

    Nothing I tried has completely prevented any relapse.

    You need godlike willpower.
  11. al1234

    al1234 Guest

    I don't agree. By the time you're the position of needing willpower, it's probably too late.

    Addiction recovery is much more fundamental than abstention.

    EDIT: that's why I like going to SAA so much, it makes me focus on recovery before I get urges. I believe that's the key.
  12. nomorefapalexander

    nomorefapalexander New Member

    I will look in the links.

    I quit video games successfully, with only one minor relapse. Had really bad withdrawals and cravings, and I didn't use any forums or journaling.

    The thing that made me succeed, I think, is because I kind of accepted that it is completely gone. I felt a huge grief because I would not play another game.

    With porn, I still consider it as an option. That, I think is a problem.
  13. Bazooka Joe

    Bazooka Joe New Member

    You need to avoid triggers at all costs in the beginning.

    In the beginning your willpower is not strong enough for urges, it gets better when you're far into your reboot.

    When you avoid triggers the only urges you have to fight are those 3 weeks into your reboot. And this alone is tough already.
  14. Big Lebowski

    Big Lebowski Member

    Alright guys not much really to update had some few porn libido boners i guess not strong but not too weak, keeping my mind busy as much as I can. In the flatline again which I dont mind keeps the urge away its coming out of it I need to be prepared had 2 real days of coming out of it in my 77 day reboot.

    All the best guys.

    (p.s) hopefully starting a plumbing apprenticeship soon so that will ultimately change my life for me, keep me focused all day will give me a fresh begining in life.
  15. nomorefapalexander

    nomorefapalexander New Member

    Just to note. My last relapse wasn't to porn and didn't use any fantasy.

    Loro, I think I just miss seeing the naked bodies. When I had gone 40 days no PMO, all I wanted is to see tits and I missed them so much because they were completely gone.(sorry if it's a trigger). That's maybe why I relapsed. Also I was under a lot of stress in my life with a bunch of deadlines. I wanted some escape.
  16. codz30

    codz30 Tendency toward complexity.

    I'm from Australia too!
    It's been a good week - finished a whole bunch of my exams and it's only 9 days before I leave to Europe!

    I urge everyone in this group to stick with their goals - if not for yourself, for the group :)
  17. Aussie_85

    Aussie_85 Guest

    Relapsed again,anyone interested in why,check my journal.
  18. nomorefapalexander

    nomorefapalexander New Member

    Ahh.. Sorry to hear that bro. Get back on track. And get really busy. Occupy your mind, man.

    Does anyone here meditate? I've been doing it since december but now I can't seem to do it for the last month because I don't have much willpower and motivation. I can't start my meditation session, because I feel so drained.
  19. nomorefapalexander

    nomorefapalexander New Member

    I haven't really thought about this. Tits in real life may not look so good.

    Also, the other thing i really miss is the escape. I've had one for so long I can't remember. When I am back from a school or something, my mind searches for the surroundings, but nothing is available for a fix, so I feel a kind of despair.
    I started to feel the same in school after I started PMO. I started PMO at about 4th grade I think. I then, was putting other girls on a pedestal, felt like they don't need me, and I couldn't make a single approach. I was getting more and more lonely, and I started criticizing myself and developing negative thoughts, and then severe social anxiety. I was also having panic attacks at some point.

    Now the social anxiety and panic attacks have almost vanished in a really short time after I removed the stimulus. And have MUCH less negative thoughts.
  20. nomorefapalexander

    nomorefapalexander New Member

    I have just received my diploma yesterday!!!

    And today I finally had morning wood and was in quite good mood. Having more urges, though.

    I wonder how will I feel if I make it to atleast 90 days. The best I did was 40 days no PMO and then I was a completely different person.

    And nice post, loro!

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